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Last updated: September 05, 2023

Beards, Ears & Sideburns—Oh My! Here’s 3 Tips To Up Your Game

Master Detailing Essentials With These Behind-The-Scenes Techniques

If you’re trying to brush up on your barbering skills or take your fades to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. Sport Clips National Artistic Team Member Carly Govednik (@coach_carly_cuts) is sharing her must-know detailing tips reserved for the brand’s introductory Core Camp course. Trust us, these three techniques will bring any of your go-to cuts from “good” to “great.”


Check out Carly’s before and after:

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1. If you struggle blending around the ear, this easy tip is for you.

It’s time to erase a line of demarcation—which is fine… until you get to the ear. Here, Carly emphasizes that it’s critical to blend this area with precision; any mistakes could force you to take the cut shorter than you anticipated.


To avoid this, Carly simply adjusts her blade so that she is only using the bottom corner as she works along the ear. If you were to use a flat angle instead, you would just eat into your fade’s foundation.


Pro tip: When blending around the ear, Carly always starts in the front and meets in the middle before repeating her technique on the back half.




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2. Blending beards & sideburns? Use this technique as your guide.

Once the bottom half of your fade is cleaned up, you’ll need to consider your client’s beard and/or sideburns.


Here’s how Carly does it:


  • Using the appropriate guard, carefully blend the facial hair into the hairline at a diagonal back using a C-shaped motion.
  • The key here is the diagonal back angle. If you were to go straight up and down, you’d risk the corner of your clipper cutting into your hairline blend.




Watch Carly’s full medium taper fade technique via BTC-TV!


3. Detail the top lengths with a texturizer for extra pieciness (aka OOMPH!)

As the finishing touch, Carly likes to add texture to the longest lengths of her medium taper using texturizing shears. To do this, simply slide cut with the stationary blade on the bottom. Keep in mind that if you close the shear all the way, it could take away too much hair and leave a hole in the masterpiece you just finished.




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