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Last updated: November 23, 2022

5 Tips For Creating Better Fades

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These 5 Tips Will Instantly Improve Your Fade Game

Have you ever turned a client’s low fade into a high fade because you got lost along the way? If so, you’re not alone. BaBylissPRO® Artist Sophie Pok (@staygold31) has been there, so she shared her tips to help keep you on track and instantly improve your fade skills. Scroll down to get the deets!


1. Start With The End Result In Mind

Picture the finished result before fading to get an idea of where the fade should start. Then blend up to that area using the BaBylissPRO® FX3 Professional High Torque Clipper to avoid getting lost in the haircut.


Note: The FX3 Professional High Torque Clipper features five locking detent adjustments instead of a classic lever, so it’s easy for beginners to remember their place when blending out lines.




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2. Cut Guide Zones In Parallel Lines

When fading, make sure the guide zones are parallel to each other for a blurred finish. Sophie stresses staying organized when blending in the guide zones to achieve the seamless fade you and your client want.


3. Work From The Top Down To Blend

Start with the skin fade first, then work from the top down to blend out the rest of the guide zone. Gradually close the clippers the further down the head you go for a seamless finish.


Watch How Sofie Fades With The FX3 Clipper!

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4. Create Detailed Lines

When a more precise touch is needed, use the BaBylissPRO® FX3 Ferrari-Designed Engine Trimmer to maneuver tight spaces for custom designs and detailed work. It features two speeds, with the faster setting for bulk removal and the slower for blending.


5. Clean Up The Cut

Tighten up the fade by going over the neckline with the BaBylissPRO® FX3 Professional High Speed Foil Shaver. If the client’s natural hairline is still visible after using clippers or trimmers, go over the line with the shaver to further blend for a seamless finish. Here’s how Sophie does it:


  • Lightly tap and drag the shaver over the trimmer line for a closer shave.


  • Use the furthest part of the shaver to detail, then turn it completely flat to remove any excess hair for a polished look.


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