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Last updated: November 29, 2018

5 Hair Tattoo & Design Detailing Tips From @arod23pr

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Master Intricate Cut-Out Designs With These Clipper & Razor Tips
Fades, graphics and design details are not limited to barbering and men’s grooming—women’s undercuts and hair tattoos are becoming a common request in the salon! That’s why it’s important to keep up with the artists who are slaying these techniques on social, like viral barber Arod (@arod23pr), to snag their best cutting tips and cheats!


Arod went live from the BTC House to share his best design techniques—click HERE to watch the full playback video with lifetime access! But first, scroll through for five tips that will ensure precise design work with clippers and a razor.



1. Start With The Right Guard & Avoid This Area

  • Arod recommends using a #2 or #3 clipper guard to start the haircut. Why? You won’t be able to see through to the skin at this point, so cleaning up this area will build a better foundation for graphic line work. 
  • Skip clipper work around the hairline at the beginning of the cut, then go back and detail this area at the end.


2. Use This Tool For Graphics

  • Arod prefers freestyle design and recommends using a T-blade trimmer to maintain precision. The tool’s length and slender blade allow for more creative control when designing.
  • Start by using only the corner of the blade to establish the guideline, then go back and detail to avoid any mistakes in the design. The corner is also very helpful for working on the front lineup.



3. Straight v. Curved Lines

Design work is all in the detail, and the way you handle the tool will determine different results. Scroll to see how Arod achieves straight and curved lines. 


1. Straight Lines – Use the entire blade on-scalp with light pressure.


2. Curved Lines – Only use the corner of a T-blade trimmer.


4. Sharpen Line Work

After establishing the guide, follow Arod’s technique to sharpen and thicken lines. Using a T-blade trimmer, gradually build thickness by going over each line a few times. Then, flip the clippers and GENTLY work against the grain in the alternating direction—be extremely careful to avoid cutting or irritating skin. 



5. Finish With A Razor

After completing any clipper work, Arod recommends going back over graphic designs with a straight razor to define them. But first, apply a clear shaving gel to the hair to clearly see the designs and what lines need additional definition.


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