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Last updated: June 15, 2018

Kid Bun Fade + Freestyle Design

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Kid Bun Fade + Freestyle Design

How-To: Kid Bun Fade + Freestyle Design

If there’s anything we learned from watching @arod23pr’s barbering videos, it’s that your clients are never too young to rock a fresh fade or an intricate design—or both! Add a kid bun, aka a man bun but on a young boy, and you’ll have him looking like the coolest kid in school. Watch the video below to see how it’s done, then keep reading for a breakdown of the how-to steps.


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Artist: Arod, @arod23pr
Manufacturer: Elegance



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    Select the area to put the design, then use a wide-tooth comb and comb the hair down so it all falls into place. Then, use a #3 guard to even out the area for the design.

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    Once everything is evened out, start creating the freestyle design using an outliner. “I use the corner of the blade to get every detail I need,” shares Arod. “The corner of the blade is also very helpful when working on the front lineup.”

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    Next, apply Elegance Plus Shaving Gel over the freestyle design—its clear formula will allow you to see the areas that you’re working with.

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    Brush through where the gel was just applied, then use the Elegance Blade to clean up and detail the freestyle design. Then, apply Elegance Plus Hair Spray as the first layer before applying any more products.

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    Apply Elegance Hair Fibers (launching soon) to enhance the freestyle design. Then, go back in with the Elegance Blade and trace the design to remove the excess hair fibers.

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    On the other side, go in with a #3 guard to even everything out in the designated area. Then, create a guideline with a zero guard to start the fading technique.

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    Next, use a #1 guard to create another guideline about ½ an inch above the guideline created with the zero guard. Then, open the zero guard and blend the two guidelines.

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    Use a #2 guard to create a third guideline above the previous two. Then, use a #1½ guard to seamlessly blend the guidelines, making sure there are no harsh lines.

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    For the front lineup, use an outliner to create a straight line. Then, use the Elegance Blade to clean up the line.

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    Use the Elegance Plus Hair Spray and Elegance Hair Fibers to enhance the front lineup, then go over that same line with an outliner and the Elegance Blade again to remove excess hair fibers. 

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    For the bun, prep with Elegance Hair & Beard Oil to give the hair protection and hydration. Then, blow-dry the hair with a brush to get rid of any knots. “This process will allow me to create a better bun,” notes Arod.

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    Apply Elegance Hair Cream to give the hair extra nourishment without any stickiness. Then, gather the hair up and apply Elegance Triple Action Hair Gel to give the style extra hold, shine and volume.

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    Create the bun so it sits on the crown area, then secure the style with Elegance Plus Hair Spray.

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    Finished look.

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