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Last updated: September 30, 2022

Want To Do Hair Backstage At A Music Festival? Read This!

booksy get discovered backstage work hair at a music festival contest
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Hamza Zaid (@doesofhamza) working backstage in the Riot Cuts tent with Booksy x Idle Hand Collective.

Booksy Is Sending Barbers & Stylists To Work At Festivals: What You Should Know 

Whether you’ve been on Instagram this summer or in the front row yourself—there’s one thing we know for sure: Music festival season is BACK. In an endless scroll of concert videos, you might be wondering, “WHO did that artist’s hair?” and even, “How could that be me backstage?” Spoiler alert: We’ve got some answers. 


BTC editors made our way to the Artist Lounge at Riot Fest in Chicago to meet up with one of Booksy’s Get Discovered Backstage competition winners. Keep reading to get the full deets on how you could take your skill-set to the VIP lounge, work with A-list music artists and feel like a celebrity stylist for a day. 


What is the Get Discovered Backstage competition? 

Picture this: The industry’s biggest music artists taking the stage at a major festival, speakers blaring, a crowd of fans screaming—and your work headlining. Booksy teamed up with Idle Hand Collective—a group of traveling stylists and barbers cutting artists and athletes backstage at festivals and sporting events—to give hairdressers the opportunity to work backstage. 


Each contestant winner will work with sponsors to work at a music festival of their choice: Rock, hip hop, reggae, EDM and more. Festivals are throughout the entire country—see festivals and enter to win.


Could this be you? Get an insider’s look at going backstage with Booksy x Idle Hand Collective. 

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Who can apply for an all-access pass? 

Short answer: Barbers, nail techs and short hair stylists who are ready to cut and style hair or do nails backstage at a live music festival.


Here’s what you need:

  • An active Booksy account
  • High-quality portfolio photos 
  • At least 10 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars or higher 
  • Enter to win now!


Get Advice From Contest Winner Hamza Zaid 

We caught up with Hamza Zaid (@doseofhamza), a Chicago-based barber and Shop Owner of Exclusive Cuts in Bridgeview, backstage at Riot Fest for the first time after winning the contest. Not only did we score some A-list advice for entering, but we got an exclusive look at what it’s really like to work backstage. 


booksy get discovered backstage work hair at a music festival contest
Riot Cuts: Idle Hand Collective VIP Pop-Up Barbershop


What drove you to apply for this opportunity? 

“I have that confidence in myself and my work, my clients always geek me up and tell me I’m good—why not enter and see if I’m able to win?” says Hamza. “No matter what it is, enter. A lot of people think, ‘Big names are going to get picked.’ It could be anybody. Have faith, have confidence in yourself. It’s an opportunity, so take it.” 


booksy get discovered backstage work hair at a music festival contest
Riot Cuts pop-up barbershop at Riot Fest.


As a Booksy user for almost seven years, here’s what Hamza had to say about his experience—which ultimately drove him to this one opportunity: “One of my coworkers told me it would make my life easier,” said Hamza. “Instead of waiting for people to call and text back, they can go through the app and book their time/date and I’m there.”



Here are the top three ways Booksy benefits Hamza’s business: 

  1. “I wake up and head straight to the shop and know that I have clients.”
  2. “[Booksy] sends me new clients.” 
  3. “You could be here like I am and win things like this.” 


What advice do you give barbers and stylists who are considering entering?

“Whatever you put your mindset to, it can be done,” says Hamza. “There may be challenges or obstacles, but you can achieve and do anything you want to do. You just have to go get it. People will say, ‘I’m just waiting on that opportunity.’ It’s there. You just have to take advantage of it.”


booksy get discovered backstage work hair at a music festival contest
Idle Hand Collective’s Erik Zaiatz (@erikzaiatz),
Booksy Ambassador Nievez Almaraz (@howtofadehair) & Get Discovered Backstage winner Hamza Zaid (@doseofhamza) backstage in the Riot Fest Artist Lounge.


Are you ready to give it a shot? Enter to win!