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Last updated: May 14, 2018

WATCH: @arod23pr’s Flattop Fade Technique

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Video How-To: @arod23pr’s Flattop Fade Technique

From the classic military cut to a flattop + bald fade combo, this bold, retro style has evolved over time to fit the many men who occupy your chair. For clients with natural texture requesting a modern flattop with a seamless fade out, we recommend watching this how-to video from @arod23pr that breaks down his technique in a fun freestyle rap. Check it out below, then keep reading for the steps and the finished look!


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Watch The Video How-To Below



1. Prep hair with Elegance Hair & Beard Oil, then use a hair pick to get rid of any knots.


2. Using a #2 guard, create the guideline for the fade just slightly over the temple. Then, use a zero guard to remove all the hair below the guide.


3. Next, use a #1½ guard to clean up the area before blending. Then, open the zero guard and blend to ensure there are no harsh lines in the fade.


4. Then, use a shaver to smooth out the fade even more from the bottom to the top. For the sides above the guide, use a zero guard to trim the hair. 


5. For the front lineup, use outliners to create a sharp line. Then, apply Elegance Plus Hair Spray and Elegance Hair Fibers (launching soon) and go back in with the outliners to remove any excess hair fibers.


6. Apply Elegance Shave Gel on the front lineup to prevent skin irritation, then go in with the Elegance Blade to remove the excess hair fibers below the straight line created with the outliners.


7. Spray the hair with Elegance Plus Hairspray, then use a sponge to gently press the top down. Then, use a zero guard to trim and flatten the top of the hair, making sure everything is even and straight.


8. Finish by using shears to detail the cut and make the flattop as even as possible.


Check out the finished look!



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