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Last updated: August 10, 2022

Fades: 3 Tips To Add Texture & Movement

Creating A Texturized Fade: From Start to Finish

Is fear creeping in before your fade client walks in the salon? Don’t worry! Here’s a refresher on how to start a fade, what products to use and how to add texture. For the men in your chair who want a cut with lots of sexy movement, follow American Crew® Global Artistic Director Paul Wilson‘s (@paulwilsoncrew) lead to create the perfect texturized fade from start to finish. 


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1. Set yourself up for success with this product

1. Paul starts by creating a horseshoe parting. But instead of wetting the hair before he starts his “clippered linear” cut, Paul prefers the American Crew® Prep & Prime Tonic. He uses it as a cutting lotion over a spray bottle for better grip and mobility. The added hold will help keep your parting in place. 

2. Use your clipper to gently ride the side of the scalp upward to create the fade. 

3. Start the fade by gently pushing your clipper upward following the head shape. To create gradation, shift the weight to the heel of the clipper. 

4. Refine by placing your clipper over your comb. 

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2. Use this cutting technique to create texture

To create texture within the top section of the hair, Paul uses a point-cutting technique. He uses a sawtooth point cut at a dramatic angle to create texture and separation for the haircut. The deeper the angle in your sawtooth, the more texture you will create. 


Paul separates the top into three sections and continues to work radially while point cutting around the head.  


Paul Wilson American Crew Sawtooth Point Cutting
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3. For extra movement, don’t skip this step!  

The texture is created within the haircut from the sawtooth technique, but the right product is essential to make all of that movement come to life. That’s why Paul finishes his look with American Crew® Matte Clay Spray. Paul says that this spray perfect for summer months because it’s anti-humidity—Plus, it also provides all the texture of a sea salt spray without drying out the hair. 


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