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Last updated: November 24, 2020

Skin Fades: 3 Things To Definitely Do

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3 Need-To-Know Steps For A Clean Skin Fade

Are your male clients requesting clean, clipper cuts but your blending techniques need a bit of a refresh? Victory Barber and Brand™ Founder Matty Conrad (@mattyconrad) shared his technique for creating a seamless skin fade as well as three things you NEED to know. Become a Victory Stockist to get the full tutorial PLUS exclusive deals and education from Victory Barber & Brand™. 




1. Establish Guidelines

First, Matty creates two lines that he uses as guides for the cut’s fade and shape. Check them out below:

  • The Skin Line: Use this line as a guide for where the fade will begin. Everything below the skin line will be cut right down to the skin with a trimmer and foil shaver and everything above the line will be blended upwards.


Pro Tip: Curve the line down just behind the ear so that it sits below the occipital bone. “The occipital bone can be pointy, which makes blending a little tough. So I like to set my line right at the bone,” Matty explains.


  • The Weight Line: This line establishes the length that is left at the top of the back and sides. It also establishes the overall shape of the haircut. The shape can be manipulated using elevation, depending on the desired look. Matty broke it down like this:


    • Straight out elevation = Natural shape
    • Downward elevation = Wider shape
    • Upward elevation = Leaner shape


Use a clipper over comb technique to create the weight line around the entire head, mimicking the shape of the skin line. 


Pro Tip: Avoid extra blending later by moving the clippers over the comb like a train on a track when cutting. This will create a clean, even cut, as opposed to a chipping motion.



2. Create A Transition Area 

To create a more blended, polished fade, Matty will use the clipper comb to clean up the area between the two lines, creating a transition area for his blending technique. Check out the steps below: 


  • Bring the bottom of the comb tight to the skin line while angling the teeth slightly upward to protect the weight line.


  • Use an easy upward rocking motion to create the transition area. 


  • The transition area closes the gap between the two lines, so make sure the width of the zone gradually increases when working towards the back of the head. 




3. Gradually Close The Guard For A Seamless Fade

Working from the top down, Matty starts blending with a one and a half guard setting the clipper all the way open—creating a two and using a rocking motion to blend. Then, he closes the lever on the clipper, reducing the length by one half and working slightly lower. When switching to the smaller guards he first opens the lever for a pass then closes the lever for a pass, working lower and lower until he ends with half a guard closed over the skin line to blend it out. 




Matty shared the finished look on his Instagram!

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