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Last updated: February 29, 2024

How To Build Weight Without Bulk On Long Men’s Hair

4 Tips To Build Proper Weight, Increase Control & Create Texture

Men’s hair has stepped into a more playful realm as we see our male clientele opting to grow out their length. Get ready to nail every long men’s cut with tips from SportClips® National Artistic Team Member Claudia Thomas (@claudia.thomas21)! Scroll down to learn how to build weight in the right areas, increase cutting comfort plus tips to create texture and movement.


Check out the before and after below:

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4 Key Points: Build Proper Weight Without Bulk

1. Use a cutting aid: Claudia applies American Crew Prep & Prime Tonic liberally to the hair before she begins working. Saturate the hair well to facilitate easier sectioning and increase control when cutting. “It’s fantastic for finer texture hair,” Claudia adds.


2. Start in the temple area: When you create your guide, starting at the temple will allow clients to see how short the length will be. That way, you can gauge their comfort with the length as you cut. 


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Got 15 minutes? See the FULL men’s cut HERE!


3. Maintain zero elevation: As you release hair from the clipped-off section, maintain zero elevation as you cut to your stationary guide. “That way, the haircut stays looking smooth and it doesn’t look stair step-y,” Claudia explains.


4. Try this to create texture: Point cut your sections to soften and add movement. “Every single piece of hair can’t be the same length,” Claudia says. “If it is, we’re not going to have movement and texture—that’s what’s popular and makes hair look effortless when styled.”


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