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Last updated: July 31, 2023

3 Round Men’s Haircuts + Head Diagrams To Save Now

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Changing the silhouette of a classic men’s cut can elevate the look without needing an arsenal of new techniques. The pros from American Crew® Education (ACED) curated a list of three round haircuts WITH head diagrams and step-by-step tutorials for our followers to advance their men’s cutting this year.


Keep scrolling to meet the three haircuts your clientele will be asking for along with the how-to and inspo photos to perfect the looks. 


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1. Longest Round: Aaron

The key to a long, rounded cut is having a balanced weight line around the entire perimeter. The hair needs to have enough density to keep the rounded silhouette while having definition to prevent too heavy of a front.

Check out the head diagram from American Crew’s pro educators below for the full haircut breakdown:


Styling products to finish the look:

American Crew Fiber™ Cream. Apply to the surface of the hair and rake through with your hands. 


2. Medium Round: Benno

This medium-length rounded cut is easy to style and looks great right out of the chair or with weeks of grow-out. Be sure to maintain the correct length in each zone so that layering aligns with your client’s features properly.


Cutting tips to follow:

  • The bottom half of the head will create the primary shape, the goal is to make the length from the top of Zone 2 rest at the occipital bone.
  • For reference, the crown will measure around four inches away from the head while the nape measures about one inch. This allows the medium-length to appear like an all-over cut without a dense perimeter. 

  • Isolate a medium to wide section on the top of the head and target a 4 inch length keeping square to the head. 


Product suggestion for styling:

Keep in mind, this client is typically asking for a more tailored cut to prevent extra styling. American Crew educators recommend pairing this medium-length cut with a light dose of Fiber™ Grooming Foam for an all-day hold without the residue of sticky products. 


3. Shortest Round: Jester

The biggest difference when creating a round cut with a lot of length is ensuring the proper amount of weight removal. Men’s cuts seem can seem simple but hide a lot of miscalculations.

Tips for working around the ear from the American Crew pros:

  • When creating a short haircut that has no tapering or faded sides, it is crucial to keep every layer balanced.
  • Isolated slide and point cutting through the ends, across the front, and around every corner will add texture and remove weight in the spots clients will notice the most.
  • The length at the top of zone 2 should rest at just above the occipital bone.
  • The top should have a target length of 3 inches extending out to 3.5 inches in the front.


Styling products to finish the look:

Press a light dose of Fiber™ Cream into the hair and piece small strands out for texture. 


Products Used


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