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Last updated: August 02, 2023

Here’s How To Get Male Clients To Buy Retail

Can’t Sell Retail? Here Are 3 Tips To Clear Products Off Your Shelves

The men in your chair are arguably the most difficult to get interested in buying retail; but, we are sharing pro tips you can’t get anywhere else from American Crew®’s ( Global Artistic Director and co-owner of Art and Science Salon Paul Wilson (@paulwilsoncrew). Keep reading to learn why education is the gateway to selling more retail (and putting more money in your pockets!). 


1. Teach Your Clients Why Haircare Is Proper Hygiene

“Male clients need education,” Paul explains. “The landscape is pretty vast,” he says, which can make it difficult to know what products they truly need. 


“Guys need to understand that haircare—especially shampoo and conditioner—is more like self care and skincare,” he adds. Paul recommends American Crew® Daily Deep Moisturizing Shampoo and American Crew® Daily Moisturizing Conditioner for an ultra-moisturizing combo that’s suitable for daily use.


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2. Educate At Your Chair To Ensure A Sale

If you handed your male client a blow-dryer and some styling foam, would they know how to use them properly? Get them comfortable with a few simple tools and products, explaining what each one does and why it’s essential. Here’s step-by-step example to close a sale at the end of a service.


Step 1: Show the client the bottle and tell them the product name.

close formula


Step 2: Explain to them how much product to apply to their hands and how to emulsify it.

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Step 3: Then, demonstrate how your work the product into the hair evenly. Seeing the effects in real time will help convince your clients that they need to add the product to their routine.


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3. Your Client’s Grooming Toolkit: Screenshot This!

Show your clients this list to help them elevate their haircare routine with a few of Paul’s favorite products:


  • The perfect base product to condition, aid detangling and an overall refresher, try American Crew® Prep & Prime Tonic.
    • Pro Tip: This product also doubles as a cutting lotion for pros to add moisture before you cut. 
  • To add lightweight volume with medium hold for longer-haired clients (three to five inches in length) without stiffness or crunch, use American Crew® Fiber™ Grooming Foam. “This foam is is really light, and it has a little bit of slip to it coming out of the canister,” Paul explains. 
  • To add natural shine with refined and controlled texture, use American Crew® Fiber™ Cream.


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