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Last updated: July 23, 2017

6 Tips To Better Your Business!

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Matrix Destination was all about the stylists working behind the chair. It had everything from educational techniques to business tips for your salon, and BTC was there for all of it! Check out some of the best practices we heard from Matrix speaker Glenn Baker and start bettering your business today! 


1. Chemically Dependent Clients
Always upsell color to your clients. If clients come in and get their hair colored, they then become chemically dependent on your service. Color clients drive retail and loyalty. 30 to 40 percent of your clients should be color clients.



2. Client Retention is HUGE
Today, only about 25 percent of clients are coming back every 90 days. Schedule your new clientele with stylists who have the highest number of prebooks. Always be conscious of who you are giving new clients to, and don’t give them to a stylist who won’t retain them.


3. Keep ‘em coming back
Give your clients an incentive to come back. If a new client comes in, offer him/her a welcome pack. Do this at the beginning of the appointment so they have to think about it during their visit. Offer referral cards and 3 different specialties: 20 percent off of retail, $10 off your next appointment and a free added service with a future appointment.


4. Signage
People are visual. Make a lasting impression with clever signs outside of your salon. If you’re open, make sure it’s extremely obvious, and if you’re closed, make sure people know that too. 



5. Retail! Retail! Retail!
Educate your clients and sell more retail at the same time. Say something like this, “Are you ok with me sharing the products I’m using, how I’m using them and why I’m using them?” Most of their clients will be more than willing to listen and then they’ll understand how they work and why they should buy the home care products.


6. Get your Clients involved
When testing out new products, Matrix Educator Cori Randall involves her clients… and guess what?! IT WORKS. She says, “Tell them you’re using a new product and ask them if they want to be a part of it. Tell them to let you know the following day how their hair held and how it felt. This will make your clients excited about the product and keep them involved with you and your salon.