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Last updated: November 17, 2021

Men’s Gray Blending In Just 5 Minutes? Here’s How!

Blend & Cover Grays In 5 Minutes!

Did you know male clients are an untapped gray coverage market? We have the deets on a 5-minute gray blending service that can be used on the hair AND beard that’s guaranteed to make you more money. Keep reading for four ways you can build men’s gray coverage into your service offerings!


Watch the video above to learn the four techniques from American Crew® Artistic Director Paul Wilson (@paulwilsoncrew) and American Crew® All Star Crystal Heric (@crystalannheric)! Don’t forget to check out the before and afters!


4 Ways To Introduce Gray Blending Services To Male Clients

Gray coverage in five minutes? Sounds too good to be true, but American Crew® has done it with their Precision Blend hair color! The cool-toned, demi-permanent color comes in four natural shades and features a softer fade-out your clients will love. The best part is depending on your client’s needs, American Crew® has developed four custom ways to blend or cover grays. Here’s how:


1. Buffing: Apply the formula to a sponge and stipple over the surface of the hair, making sure not to touch the scalp. This is great for clients who have fades and short cuts.



2. Blading: Dip the tip of a comb into the formula and drag it vertically through the hair to create lines. This helps create contrast when dealing with longer hair and grows out naturally.



3. Blanketing: Apply the formula to the entire head for full gray coverage. Perfect for the client who doesn’t want to see any gray.


4. Beard Application: Features a special brush that helps comb the formula into the beard and sideburns. Once processed, simply wipe off with a wipe and a hot towel.



Try out American Crew® Precision Blend for yourself! Click here!


Treat Gray Blending As An Add-On Service

Trying to get your male clients to try something new is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Paul recommends complimenting your clients on their gray and then suggesting ways they could even it out.


For example, “Hey! Your gray looks awesome, but it’s coming in a little heavy on this side.” A quick compliment, then pivoting to a minor color issue you can correct will give you the opening to recommend your clients try Precision Blend.


Note: Another great way to introduce clients to Precision Blend is to let them try it for free! Crystal will give a complimentary trial to clients she KNOWS will love the end result.


Check out the Before & Afters!

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