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Last updated: February 09, 2024

Men’s Beard Color Service: Add This To Your Menu


How To Use Men’s Beard Color For An Easy Add-On Service

The men’s haircare space is growing, and you need to be a part of it! We spend so much time perfecting our foiling and cutting techniques for women, some of us forget that men WILL pay a premium for luxury services, too. Learn these quick tips on how to enhance your men’s services with 5-minute beard transformations. 



1. Formulate Beard Color To Client’s Skin Tone & Natual Hair Color

Whether you’re looking to cover grays or add some shaping definition, we want to go as natural as possible. Just like hair color, you need to be conscious of shades and application—honestly, even more so with beards since the color is going on your client’s face!


Keep it simple, use this shade guide from the American Crew range of Precision Blend Natural Grey Blending Hair Color:

  • Light: Best for clients with natural golden or blonde hair. This can also be used on clients with primarily gray hair for added warmth.
  • Medium Ash: Formulated with a cool undertone, this shade should be used on clients who are just beginning to show signs of gray.
  • Medium Natural: This shade has a warm undertone, perfect for clients who have slight golden or red-toned brunette hair. 
  • Dark: For any client Level 5 or below, grab shade Dark for a nice amount of gray coverage without too harsh of a color deposit. 


Pro Tip: The Precision Blend formula is not meant to cover 100% of grays. If you’re struggling to choose the right shade, start with a lighter option and build color intensity if needed after the initial application. 


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2. How To Apply Beard Color For Gray Coverage 

To avoid looking like you took a Sharpie marker to your client’s beard line, follow these steps to create a natural-looking, full beard. 


Step 1: After mixing your color formula, grab a dual-ended spoolie/spatula brush to apply the color in the direction of hair growth starting at the beard line. 



Step 2: Be sure to apply the beard color to the outermost corners of the jawline. Skipping this area will not provide the structural, full look we’re going for. Brush this section of the beard forward toward the chin to ensure full, even coverage. 



Step 3: Clean up the beard line with a spatula tool (almost like a straight razor!) This extra step will create a soft line of color where your clients need it most. Be sure to fully blend any excess color down into the beard to avoid leaving a harsh splotch of color to develop on the cheek. 



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3. How To Charge For Add-On Beard Services 

An add-on to any men’s grooming service is luckily an easy conversation in the chair. American Crew educator Victor Hugo (@v.hugostyles) explains that because male clientele is often not up to date with self-care practices, you can charge for your service and education. 


“I charge separately for a beard trim,” Victory explains. “Then, I use Precision Blend as a $40 add-on service–my clients love it.” 


The service takes just minutes to apply and then another 5 to 6 minutes for the color to process. It may not seem like much to us, but the definition and the structural difference you’re creating for your client’s beard and face is priceless. 


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