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Last updated: October 28, 2021

How To Shape A Full Beard

5 Tips For Shaping A Full Beard

It’s almost “No Shave November,” and your clients are going to start embracing their facial hair as the months get colder. When they come to you for a quick trim, the last thing you want is to lose a client by accidentally removing months of length.


So, Sport Clips National Artistic Team Member Brittany Burton (@brittanyshearz) demoed how to quickly clean up a full beard using a trimmer and clippers. Keep scrolling for her beard grooming tips and check out the finished look! Plus, make sure to watch the 30-minute video above to get the full barbering tutorial!


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1. Don’t Ask To Cut The Beard

When asking if your client needs a shape up on their beard, Brittany recommends to not ask, “Can I cut your beard today?” Instead, she says to ask them, “Can I shape or sculpt your beard today?” This simple rephrasing will help the client feel more at ease that you’re not going to shave off their beard. 


2. Avoid Cutting Too Close To The Chin

When a client wants to keep their beard, it’s important that you don’t remove years of growth while cleaning up the shape. A common mistake new barbers make is cutting too close to the chin when shaping, because they don’t realize the fullness of the beard comes from under the neck.


Pro Tip: When cutting under the neck, have the client look up. If they’re looking straight ahead, it’s easy to cut into the beard.


Check Out The Before & After!

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3. Shaping A Full Beard

When cleaning up a beard, try to keep the lines clean and natural to avoid an awkward grow out. Here’s how Brittany does it:


  • First, comb through the beard with a wide tooth comb.


  • Use a comb and trimmer to shape the beard following its natural growth pattern around the exterior. Do not cut into the interior of the beard or you will remove its fullness.


  • If one side is longer than the other, use clippers to lightly go over the beard and remove some of the length.


4. Lining Up The Neckline

Brittany likes to keep her lines close to the client’s natural growth pattern, but when it comes to the neck, that’s not always possible. If the client’s hair grows down the neckline, Brittany will remove those hairs with clippers for a clean finish.


5. Don’t Drag The Clippers Through The Hair

Beards are very coarse, so you don’t want to cause your clients discomfort by dragging your clippers or trimmers through the hair. Instead, place the clippers on the skin in a tapping motion so you’re not pulling the client’s hair as you cut.


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