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Last updated: February 09, 2023

4 Tips For Clean, Trendy Braids

Products, Pro Tips & Tricks for Mastering Boxer Braids

A classic boxer braid is a staple style, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. If you struggle with lumps, bumps or too much frizz, it’s OK! Lucky for all of us, Aquage Celebrity Ambassador Laura Polko (@laurapolko) shared her must-know tips for creating smooth, secure boxer braids and we’re sharing her tips below!


Keep scrolling for all the info and hit play above to see her technique in action. Plus, she shares an ADDITIONAL braiding technique perfect for beginner braiders!


Tip #1: Start with a clean part

It might seem like a basic step, but keeping organized sections is key for smooth, clean results. So, Laura grabs a rat tail comb to glide through the hair with ease. “Some people prefer to do this step on wet hair and that’s totally fine,” she explains. If it’s possible to have your client come in with second-day hair, Laura says that is ideal because you’re working with some natural grit. 


Another piece of parting advice: Take your time, and don’t overthink it! 


Tip #2: Cocktail products for multiple benefits

Clients fighting cowlicks or frizz? No problem! Laura recommends mixing two products together for smooth, tight braids. Check out the two products below:


  • Transforming paste: This product is a bit thicker, but it creates a fantastic hold and grip for complete control when braiding.


  • Silkening Oil Treatment: Laura likes to mix this to make the transforming paste more malleable when braiding. “You still get the hold of the Transforming Paste but it’s much easier to work with, especially when braiding. Plus the Silkening Oil gives the style additional shine,” she explains. 


Shop Laura’s go-to products: Click here!


Products Used


Tip #3: Use these easy tricks to avoid bulky, uneven braids

Hair is prepped, products ready—now what? Here’s a quick braiding cheat sheet of simple steps to take for the perfect braid every time:


  • Keep a fine-tooth comb handy: Smooth sections = smooth braids! Avoid bumps by taking the extra time to comb through each section before braiding (it makes a big difference!). 


  • Use the first section to determine sizing: Repeat after us: The first section is the most important section. Use it as a guide for how much hair to incorporate.  
  • Maintain tight tension: It’s important to keep a firm grip while braiding for a long-lasting style. But Laura recommends being mindful of the corner-nape area, where client’s tend to be the most sensitive. 


Pro Tip: Take larger sections for finer-haired clients when braiding. This way, you can loosen the braid to make the style appear fuller. 


Slide to see the before and after!

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Tip #4: Secure braids with these finishing tips!

You did it! Braids are smooth, even and secured with an elastic—now what? “I love locking the braid in with Finishing Spray,” explains Laura. “Also, if you want more hold the Spray Wax is perfect without leaving the hair sticky,” she adds. 


After spraying, Laura likes to run over the braid with her flat iron to set the hair in place. “All of our products are heat-activated, so it will just give the braid extra security,” she says. 


Laura showcased TWO braiding techniques. Slide to see the before and after for her criss-cross braid!

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