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Last updated: November 16, 2021

5 Ways To Add Texture & Volume When Upstyling

Do This When Upstyling To Add Texture & Volume

There’s nothing worse than creating a gorgeous bridal look just to watch it fall flat as the day goes on. But, don’t worry! Aquage and Caralee Pridemore (@caraleestyles) have a solution for you! Caralee took us through a textured low bun tutorial that’s perfect for fall and winter brides. Keep scrolling for Caralee’s tips for building a solid base that lasts all night and check out the finished look!


1. Crimp The Roots

Don’t make the mistake of adding volume last when styling or the hair will fall flat before she gets down the aisle. Instead, add volume at the roots when you prep the style to set the foundation.


Teasing the hair is a common way to start an updo, but Caralee prefers to use a crimping iron to add volume and texture at the base. She starts her upstyles by crimping the hair from the roots to about four inches down. Only crimp where it is needed when the client has thick hair. If the client has fine hair, she’ll crimp the entire head.


2. Use Buildable Products

Another way the bride’s hair can collapse on her big day is by using products that are too heavy. Caralee uses the Aquage Working SprayAquage Dry Texture Finishing Spray and Aquage Finishing Spray when styling because they feature a flexible, buildable hold that won’t weigh down the hair. 


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Check Out The Finished Look!


3. Curl The Entire Head

Caralee continues to add volume after crimping by curling the hair using a 1-inch curling wand. Here’s how she does it:


  • First, apply Working Spray to the hair.


  • Next, wrap the hair around a curling wand and release. Hold the curl in your hand to keep its shape.


  • Spray Dry Texture Finishing Spray to the curl for extra hold and let go.


Note: You might be tempted to only curl where needed to save time, but Caralee advises against rushing the process. There are some steps you can’t skip to get the desired finish.


4. Use Padding For Shape

Instead of using a classic donut form as the foundation for a bun, Caralee prefers to rip it apart and use pieces to create a custom shape. She simply wraps thin, padded strips from the donut around the base of a ponytail and bobby pins them into place as she goes. This allows more control over how the bun will sit in the style and creates a more natural-looking appearance.


5. Tease When Needed

Crimping the hair during prep allows you to forgo teasing, but that doesn’t mean you won’t use it at all. Caralee likes to tease the crown for extra height before adding it to the bun so the style doesn’t lay too flat against the head.


Caralee Pridemore with her model!

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