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Last updated: May 19, 2023

4 Bridal Styling Mistakes & How To Solve Them

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Bridal Business: How to Fix These 4 Mistakes

Spring is in the air—and so are the brides! Whether you’re a seasoned wedding stylist or looking to build your books, we’re breaking down four common mistakes that are easy to make but quick to fix with help from these three in-demand bridal stylists. 


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Mistake #1: Lack of Communication and Consultation

Not investing enough time in communication and consultation almost always results in a dissatisfied bride. Understanding the bride’s vision, preferences and (of course) what their hair can handle is crucial for achieving the desired look. 


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Mistake #2: Mistiming Trial Runs

Trials are the perfect time to put the consultation into practice—but don’t jump the gun. Scheduling a trial run too soon can give the bride time to change her hair (or even her mind) but waiting until the last minute can result in a last-minute scramble, causing unnecessary wedding day blues. 


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Mistake #3: Rushing the Foundation

The most important part of a long-lasting bridal style is the prep work—period. Laying a strong foundation and using the right products (and the right AMOUNT of products) will lead you to success. 


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Mistake #4: Inadequate Time Management

A wedding day is chaotic enough and not managing your time while styling can start the day off on a stressful start. A common mistake is underestimating the amount of time you will have—especially if you’re creating multiple looks.


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