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Last updated: June 27, 2024

Common Bridal Hair Challenges We Don’t Talk About

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Read This to Improve Your Bridal Hairstyling by Your Next Appointment

When it comes to bridal parties, you don’t know what you’re walking into until you’re there. The expectation is to deliver quickly with acute detail to reference photos and long-lasting results. No pressure, right?


Take the next five minutes to read about hacks, solutions and must-know products to relieve those “oh my god…” moments at your next bridal appointment.


Structure Hacks For Updos on Thick Hair

If you’re interested in building a credible bridal business, two things your skillset needs to master are soft-looking and long-lasting updos. 


Your product choice will be more than half the reason your styling meets these marks, so we asked bridal hair extraordinaire and educator Jocelyn Emerson ( for her tips and advice for immediate updo upgrades.


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1. Here’s how to handle A LOT of hair in a time-sensitive appointment

Your bride’s dense hair cannot be the reason you put her behind schedule. Jocelyn shares product and braid solutions for brides with a lot of hair:


  • “When time is limited, and I have a client in my chair with super thick hair, I love when I can use up some of the hair in a braid, and save time by choosing a style where I don’t need to curl the whole head,” she says.
  • For lasting fullness and control of a lot of hair: Schwarzkopf Professional® OSiS+ Grip Strong Mousse
  • To avoid over-loading a dense root with tease: OSiS+ Dust It Mattifying Volume Powder
  • To create visible separation: OSiS+ Thrill Elastic Fibre Gum
  • Long-lasting hold insurance on heavy hair: OSiS+ Freeze Medium Hold Hairspray


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2. Long-lasting separation and volume that holds? Here’s how:

OSiS+ Thrill Elastic Fibre Gum turns the hair into a moldable texture that does not flake or dry to a crisp texture like a gel would. 


Being able to mold your client’s hair for movement and texture definition is an easy way to bring your chic, simple styles from pretty to professional.


Click the image below for Jocelyn’s tutorial:


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Here’s Jocelyn’s must-use products, no shopping list needed! Click here to browse.


3. How to enhance and style natural curls for a balanced silhouette

The key to a bridal-level curly updo is ensuring the style has enough interest and separation to look different than an everyday pony or bun.


Natural curls hide imperfections like dimension or balance, but can quickly become a frizzy lump of hair sitting on your client’s crown.


Here’s Jocelyn’s quick tips:

  • Dampen (do not wet) the hair in sections, apply OSiS+ Bounty Balm Curl Cream to the damp curls and scrunch and separate the coils to evenly hydrate and define each strand.
  • Use U-shape partings to ensure the curl pattern remains looking natural without harsh part lines..
  • Allow curls and coils to fall out around the face, hairline and nape area for added detail.
  • Lastly, apply OSiS+ Thrill Elastic Fibre Gum to define the exposed curls. “I absolutely love these two products to accentuate natural curls,” says Jocelyn.


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“I used OSiS+ Dust It to create some volume at her roots with some teasing. Then, OSiS+ Thrill Elastic Fibre Gum to define her curls and control frizz,” Jocelyn shared on Instagram.


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