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Last updated: August 08, 2022

Dear Clients, 5 Dos & Don’ts For Wedding Hair Trials

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5 Things Your Clients Must Know Before Trying Out Their Wedding Hairstyle

With an occasion as special as a wedding, your client’s bridal hair needs to be as perfect as their big day. After their first consultation with you, they might be feeling nervous about their bridal hair. Having a successful trial day is your key to taking the stress out of the process. There are a few tips you can give your client to feel more prepared for the trial and get the most out of it. 


Here’s Why A Successful Bridal Hair Trial Is Crucial

The trial day will make or break your client’s bridal hairstyling experience. This is how you both get on the same page for the final look, where you have a consultation about their goals and where you build that stylist-client trust. The trial day will minimize any miscommunication and allow the client to feel confident going into their big day. 


Before your client comes in for their trial day, talk them through what they need to wear and bring. Let them know what to expect and how they can make the most out of their trial by providing a checklist.


Keep scrolling for this handy list from Top 100 #ONESHOT Hair Awards Education Post Finalist, Amanda Blass (@hairbyamandablass).


Dear Clients… Follow This Checklist!


1. Schedule Your Makeup Trial Right Before

Schedule your makeup trial on the same day as your hair trial. This will help you get an idea of how the makeup will look with the hairstyle. 


2. Dress The Part

Arrive wearing a dressy neutral or white top and your wedding jewelry. Dressing too casual will make your hair and makeup seem too formal.


3. Bring Your Wedding Accessories

Bring your veil or any headpieces you plan to wear, so you can picture the full look put together. The type of earrings and jewelry will determine the type of style that will match best.


If you plan to wear flowers in your hair, you can even ask your florist to give you a trial piece!



4. Pick Your Favorites

After scrolling through Pinterest for endless hours, you might have hundreds of saved wedding hairstyles. Try to narrow down your options to your top two favorites (I know it sounds hard!).


Choose hairstyles that you feel like yourself in. On your wedding day, you want to feel like the best version of yourself, not somebody else. If you don’t like the idea of having an updo, there are still lots of hair-down options.


See Amanda’s gorgeous intricate braided twist for inspiration!

Instagram via @hairbyamandablass


5. Test With Wedding-Ready Hair

Arrive to the trial session with your hair as it would be on your big day. Haircolor and length are so important! Cutting your hair will change the approach completely. The same updo will look very different on a blunt midlength cut vs. face-framing long layers—so keep that in mind going into the trial.


If you are planning to change your haircolor, let your stylist know so they can be prepared and make adjustments as needed. The color of your hair will affect how much a style pops. For example: An updo on a highlighted blonde will look totally different on someone with darker hair or solid tones with less dimension.


Pro Tip: Don’t arrive with dirty hair! Make sure it’s as clean as it will be on your wedding day. 


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Now that your client has found their perfect look, follow these steps for long-lasting wedding hair!