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Last updated: August 26, 2022

Bridal Styling: 4 Tips To Help Save Time

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4 Tips For An Efficient Bridal Appointment

Does being a traveling bridal stylist stress you out? No worries, bridal artist and BTC Team Member, Alisha Jared (@alishajaredhairartistry) has your back. Keep scrolling for four simple things you can do to be more efficient with your bridal appointments. 


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1. Organize Your Products In Order Of Use

As a freelance stylist, your work space can be limited. Alisha’s advice? Put what you will use first on the top of your bag so you can easily take things out as you go.


2. Create A Timeline

Set timers to keep yourself on track. You don’t want to go over time and be the reason the day is delayed!


3. How To Avoid Redoing The Style

Time is tight on a wedding day, so Alisha shared her go-to tips for the perfect result—the first time.

  • Always have your vision in mind so that you can see how each step will move you closer to the end result. Think about this when curling, sectioning and finishing. 
  • When pulling pieces out (like fluffing up a bun or volumizing a braid), adjust a little at a time. Take a step back and look at it. You can always pull out more, but if you tug too much you will have to start over and waste time. 
  • It’s important to check your work from every angle constantly during the styling process, since the bride will be photographed from every angle. 


4. Alisha’s Go-To Finishing Products

Alisha suggests using the Moroccanoil® Dry Texturizing Spray a little at a time while curling. This will help bring the curls to life without that sticky or crunchy feeling. It will also keep the look lasting all night. During the styling process, she uses the Moroccanoil® Molding Cream or a working wax, but advises you stay away from pomade because it’s too shiny for wedding pictures. 


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