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Last updated: July 17, 2018

Watch: Quickie (And Cutie!) Blowout Video + Tips From @alishajaredhairartistry

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Watch: Quickie (And Cutie!) Blowout Video + Tips From @alishajaredhairartistry

Things we all need: One million dollars 💸, and a few quick tips to brush up on our blowouts. Well, we can help with the latter! 🙌🏽 We’re sharing a quickie (and cutie!) video from BTC team member @alishajaredhairartistry for her quick tips on perfecting your blow-dry game—like how to make the service faster, how to determine the proper heat setting and the best ways to set the style while avoiding frizz. Check it all out below.


Watch The Video How-To Below!


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Create a FASTER blowout—here’s how:

  • Work in small sections for better control and smoother results.
  • Dry hair up to 75 percent before using a brush. Alisha likes to rough-dry using her Hot Tools Professional Taifun Ionic Dryer and fingers until almost dry, then uses a brush to create the final look.


Assess the hair type, then determine the heat setting—follow this guide:

  • Clients with fine/fragile hair (or blondes) = low heat setting, fast speed setting.
  • Clients with coarse hair = high heat setting, low speed setting.
  • Clients with wavy/frizzy hair = low heat setting, low speed setting with the concentrator nozzle to really focus the air flow and direct the hair to the desired fall.



Use the cool shot to set—here’s why:

  • It seals the cuticle to lock in the style and adds high shine.
  • It reveals any areas that are still damp and need additional heat.


Avoid frizzy end results—here’s how:

  • Use the Taifun Ionic Dryer Concentrator attachment—the opening is extra narrow for a cleaner finish, and the dryer uses negative ions to maintain a neutral charge on the hair’s surface. This ensures visibly-conditioned end results with minimal frizz and static.

  • Direct the nozzle vertically and downward on the hair shaft at all times—this concentrates the air flow, creates less frizz and more shine!



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