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Last updated: May 01, 2018

How To Prep Fine-Haired Brides For Pinterest-Worthy Styles

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Today’s brides want Pinterest-worthy styles for their big day, but for clients with fine and thinning hair, their strands might lack the texture and length needed to make them happen. So BTC Team member and California-based bridal stylist Alisha Jared@alishajaredhairartistry to her 30k Instagram followers—stopped by the new BTC house in West Hollywood to create this cascading down-style and share her secrets for prepping fine-haired brides.


Find out Alisha’s go-to products for creating texture, how she uses extensions, PLUS her tips for working with brides below, then watch the FB live for the full look!



Want to know which products help Alisha create lots of texture without making the hair heavy, sticky or crunchy? Find out below!


1. Prep With Lightweight Products

  • The key to prepping fine hair is to use lightweight products that will create texture without weighing the hair down.


  • To give thin strands an extra boost, Alisha sprays ColorProof BioRepair-8® Thickening Blow Dry Spray—it instantly thickens the hair by weightlessly increasing the diameter of each strand.


  • Then, apply some ColorProof AllAround® Color Protect Working Hairspray before going in with any heat styling tools. It dries super quick, offers heat protection and won’t make the hair sticky even if applied multiple times.


  • Have a bride with naturally curly/wavy hair? Because natural texture can be totally unpredictable, blow her hair out straight first and then create texture.


2. Work With Extensions

  • The secret behind every big and beautiful style on Pinterest? Extensions, which is exactly why they are a bridal kit must-have.


  • Fine hair is known for not being able to hold extensions, so apply ColorProof PowderFix™ Instant Volume Texture directly to the roots to give the extensions some grip while helping them stay in place, then lightly tease (see gif below).



  • If she doesn’t need extensions for density but for length, don’t clip them all in at the scalp—it’s uncomfortable for the bride! Instead, add some of the extensions a few inches down from the scalp and hide them in the style later (see image below).

    • Note: When combing out the curls later, be sure to hold the weft in place! Because it’s not clipped to the scalp, it could fall out.


Clipping wefts in halfway down the head are easy to hide and they add length without causing the bride pain.


  • Extensions are harder to curl and they’ll require a lot of product to stay put, so don’t be alarmed if it feels like you’re using a lot of PowderFix™ and AllAround® Working Spray. Their lightweight formulas will hold the style without adding weight to the hair.


3. Alternate Between Curling & Crimping

  • To make loose waves in the hair, Alisha alternates between two techniques: curling with a curling iron and curling with a texture iron. 


  • Long, romantic styles require bigger, looser curls, not structured ones so start by curling the hair with a 1¼-inch curling iron. 


  • On the next section, use a texture iron and curl while crimping. “I’m going to be able to expand her hair about 3x as far with this crimp texture than I would be able to just a regular curl.” (See gif below.)



4. Working With Brides

  • For clients who know they want a soft down ‘do, make sure to ask if they plan to don a veil. This type of style won’t require a veil, but if she’s adamant to rock one Alisha says to pin it underneath.


  • Don’t agree to style a bride on her big day without scheduling a bridal trial. These establish a level of comfort and present the opportunity to discuss her expectations.


  • Pricing is always a hot topic so here’s what Alisha suggests:
    • Research bridal prices in your area.
    • Take into consideration how much time it’s taking to do the wedding and how much you would be making otherwise if in the salon.
    • Establish an hourly rate.
    • Remember to factor in extensions and extension application.


  • Give the maid of honor as many tips as possible. Teach her how to insert the veil, how to take the hair down and be sure to hand her extra pins and elastics.


Watch the full video below!


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