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Last updated: November 08, 2021

Fine Hair Styling Cheats

fine hair styling tips
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Four Pro Tips To Help Fine Hair Appear Fuller 

If you client is struggling with thinning or fine hair, styling can cause extra anxiety—especially at home. So when we spotted these pro tips from BTC Team Member Alisha Jared (@alishajaredhairartistry) we had to share! 


Keep scrolling for Alisha’s top styling tips to achieve fullness and volume and give your clients the confidence boost they need to ease their styling stress! 


First, help your client identify their thinning concerns:

  • Patchy or sparse hairline
  • Complains about styles slipping or falling 
  • Lack of density
  • Signs of thinning 
  • Struggling to achieve lift or volume when heat styling


Fine and thinning hair issues can be difficult for clients to discuss. Before you give them quick fixes to their styling concerns, discuss a long-term solution to their thinning hair. An easy-to-follow routine using BosleyMD will give your client a 360-degree solution to target thinning and help regrow hair. 


Concern: Sparse or patchy hairline


Tip #1: Fill the hairline to create the appearance of fullness

Thickening fibers help give the illusion of a full hairline by bonding with the client’s natural hair to cover any low density areas. Alisha’s likes the BosVolumize Hair Thickening Fibers from BosleyMD™ because it can be applied directly to her thinning recession area. “Plus it comes in four shades so it’s a perfect match for any level base,” she shares.


Check out the before and after! 

fine hair styling cheats
Instagram via @alishajaredhairartistry


Help clients with thinning hair NOW: Click here to shop BosleyMD™ products!  


Concern: Lack of density


Tip #2: Suggest clip-in extensions 

Clip-in extensions are a perfect quick fix for adding volume. Of course, the key to wearing them is making sure no one knows they’re there! That’s why Alisha recommends this styling tips to keep their secret safe. 


  • Style extensions and natural hair together: Curling extensions before applying is a big no no. Instead, create sections that incorporate natural hair and extensions, to achieve a seamless look.


Alisha breaks it down in the tutorial below!

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Concern: Signs of thinning


Tip #3: Leave out the face frame for added fullness

“Wearing finer hair down makes it the focal point. So, I like to suggest styles that are pulled up. It’s easier to create the visual of fullness and dimension, ” Alisha explains. If clients are hesitant to accentuate an already fine hairline, strategically placed tendrils will create fullness around the face. 


Pro Tip: Finish with the BosleyMD™ BosVolumize Weightless & Long Lasting Styling Spray to lock the style in and create volume. 


Concern: Struggling to create volume when heat styling


Tip #4: How to keep curls from falling flat

Alisha shared her pro curling tips for enhancing volume: 

  • At the crown, hold the iron horizontally to create more lift at the base.


  • Hold the end of the curl while you gently pull at the top of it. This lets the curl cool with more volume and extra lift at the base. 


fine hair styling tips
Instagram via @alishajaredhairartistry