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3 Ways To Start Using Prescription Haircare On Every Client

All those theory hours of mixology and anatomy are coming back for revenge! Kidding—but seriously, we have everything you need to know about Urban Alchemy‘s new line of prescription haircare that every stylist should be talking about. Keep reading to learn how to use prescription drops to customize haircare for every client. 


1. Add Prescription Toners To Shampoo

These violet Prescription Blonde Drops from Urban Alchemy can be used to customize any shampoo, conditioner or hair mask for every blonde client. 


The semi-permanent violet pigment creates cool blonde tones that are customizable depending on your client’s shade of blonde. Best part? Since you can formulate your own purple shampoo to your client’s needs (instead of using a premade formula) you’ll be saving time by skipping an additional toning step after shampooing. 


Check out @pameladoeshair formulate her client’s perfect toning shampoo with just three blonde prescription drops:


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2. Create Custom Hair Masks For Every Client 

After a color or haircut service, it’s frustrating to not see the results you created because of heavy products you “needed” to use in the shampoo bowl. Alisha Jared (@alishajaredhairartistry) demos her trick to prescribe her client’s hair the nutrition it needs instead of using the same haircare for every client.


To create a custom hair mask, Alisha uses Urban Alchemy’s Prescription Care SystemThis custom system (including three bases and seven concentrated alchemies) can be formulated together to heal clients’ hair concerns ranging from split end repair, hydration restoral, density concerns and many more. 


Here’s Alisha’s formula to try:


  1. Add Urban Alchemy Hair Mask Base to a bowl. 
  2. Choose up to three Prescription Care alchemy additives depending on hair needs and concerns. Alisha used Moisture, Repair and Shine drops for this formula.
  3. Evenly coat your client’s entire head with their prescribed formula and let mask sit for five minutes before rinsing. 

Pro Tip: For every two pumps of Hair Mask Base, add a combined total of 1.5 pipettes of 3 different alchemies to the mixture.


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3. Lock In Fresh Color With This Prescription Formula

When formulating toners for honey blondes, it’s crucial to leave just enough warmth in the toner to avoid ashing out the honey hues. 

Color specialist Carlos Rojas (@colorbycarlos) recommends this technique when you need to lock in temperamental haircolor that needs a little extra care to stay vibrant and on tone. 


Here’s what you can do:


  • To your Urban Alchemy Hair Mask Base, add the color lock alchemy.
  • Then, add 8 drops of the Prescription Blonde Drops directly into the mask mixture. 
  • Evenly comb the mixture through the hair and let sit for 10 minutes (do this at the bowl after shampooing!)
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