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Last updated: September 21, 2018

Are You Using Dry Shampoo Correctly? Find Out Here

ColorProof Dry Shampoo Tips Phillip Wilson Alisha Jared Video How-To
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3 Dry Shampoo Tips + Video How-To
Are you using dry shampoo properly? We’re breaking down where and how to apply dry shampoo for maximum impact and even results. Whether its color-treated clients seeking second-day hair solutions, extending blowouts or prepping textured braids, here’s how you should be using this everyday styling product to its fullest potential.


Get the tips below from ColorProof International Creative Director Phillip Wilson (@phillipwilsoncp) and BTC Team Member Alisha Jared (@alishajaredhairartistry), then watch the video how-to!

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1. Where To Apply

How can you maximize impact without over-applying product? Start where the hair collects the most excess oil and sweat—think the hairline, nape and at the crown and work in 1- and 2-inch sections. Isolate each section, apply to the roots, process and massage thoroughly before moving on to the next section for even application.


Pro Tip: For color-treated and dark-haired clients, try using ColorProof FreshStart™️ Soft Dry Shampoo for its completely translucent formula. Alisha swears by this no-wash solution because it doesn’t leave any residue, so you can extend hair for multiple days in a row without feeling dirty. And like all ColorProof products, it adds an extra layer of color protection to your hair.



2. Are You Skipping This Step?

Don’t make this mistake when applying dry shampoo—massaging the product in right away! Phillip recommends allowing FreshStart™️ Soft Dry Shampoo to sit for 30 seconds before massaging, so the product has time to fully absorb oils and odors from the scalp for a high-impact application.


3. Add Texture To Braids

Dry shampoo is not just for dirty, second-day hair. Clients with slip and silky hair that doesn’t easily hold braids and upstyles will also benefit from a quick volumizing lift at the roots. Alisha recommends applying FreshStart™️ Soft Dry Shampoo to add subtle texture for full-bodied braids.


Watch The How-To Below For Application Tips From Phillip Wilson


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ColorProof Dry Shampoo Tips Phillip Wilson Alisha Jared Video How-To

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