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Last updated: December 08, 2021

4 Common Bridal Styling Problems and How To Fix Them

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After more than a year of postponed weddings, the bridal styling market is busier than ever. Be prepared to create the styles your clients are saving on Pinterest—and get advice for handling tricky situations—with these tips from bridal expert and educator Kasia Fortuna (@kasia_fortuna). 


Kasia is based in the UK, but BTC was lucky to catch her at the Chicago stop of her 2021 U.S. tour. Not only did she show two complete step-by-step tutorials to achieving the effortlessly polished-looking updos she’s known for…she also dropped hot tips on how to handle uncooperative bridesmaids, how to eliminate static in hair and the secret to the defined “ridges” she’s known for.


low bun bridal styles with hair accessories
Photo Credit: Instagram via @kasia_fortuna


Problem #1: Despite your requests for the bridal party to come with clean, dry hair, one bridesmaid shows up with REALLY greasy roots.

Solution: This happens to bridal stylists all the time. Here’s how Kasia handles it:



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Pro Tip: Get bridesmaids halfway prepped BEFORE you show up. 

To avoid this problem in the future, advise the bride to buy one bottle of your preferred texturizing and volumizing product and bring it to the hotel where the bridal party is staying.


For example, Kasia tells her brides to purchase a bottle of Moroccanoil® Root Boost. After each bridesmaid washes her hair, she applies this product to her roots and blow-dries her hair upside down. “This way, they are halfway prepped for you by the time you get there, there are no surprises, everybody arrives with clean hair that has some texture, and it makes your life so much easier,” Kasia says.


Kasia Fortuna teaching
Kasia shared her secrets in Chicago during a special live class.


Problem: No matter how much volume you think you’re getting, your styles end up deflating quickly.

Solution: The most important thing to understand about volume is that it has to be built throughout the styling process. Every step of the service includes some measure of volume-building. Here are Kasia’s secrets to achieving long-lasting volume that looks polished, not boho.


  1. Ask the bride to show up with clean, dry hair. Blow-dry Moroccanoil® Root Boost into the roots. Use a large round brush to blow-dry the hairline backward for volume here, too.
  2. Starting at the crown, lift a section of hair to 90 degrees. Hold the section with good tension and quickly tap the micro-crimper repeatedly, moving upward. Do this for about two to three inches from the root. (Pro tip: For a very fine-haired client, Kasia will crimp the entire length of the hair.)
  3. Repeat this process through the crown, then do the same at the hairline, holding the hair at a 45 degree angle. This step builds additional volume by giving lift without visible crimp lines.
  4. Working section by section, use Kasia’s go-to combo of Moroccanoil® Dry Texture Spray, followed by Moroccanoil® Dry Shampoo at the roots for long-lasting volume. Do this through the entire head, and allow to dry. 


After this process, that’s when Kasia selects her curling iron size and continues to prep the hair based on the final look.


Soft low bridal bun style
Photo Credit: Instagram via @kasia_fortuna


Problem: You struggle to control super-staticky hair, and it’s only going to be more tricky in the winter! 

Solution: How annoying is static?! Kasia gets it, and has some simple tricks.


  • Switch to carbon combs. “Plastic makes static worse,” she says. “Use carbon combs. They reduce the static element.”
  • Crimp the entire length of the hair instead of just a few inches at the root. “This works because it changes the structure of the hair,” she says. Then, apply a bit of Moroccanoil® Smoothing Lotion to the ends. 


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A finished look from Kasia’s Chicago class.


Problem: Brides are asking for the polished ridges that Kasia creates, but you can’t get those ridges to stay put and be visible! They end up deflating.

Solution: Just like prepping for volume, creating ridges is a multi-step process. Here’s how Kasia does it:


  • Working with a small section of hair, apply Moroccanoil® Smoothing Lotion, then spray with Moroccanoil® Luminous Hairspray Medium Hold and comb it through. 
  • Gently twist the section to create the ridge, and set it with a French pin. At this point, you can gently pinch out some volume and texture. 
  • Polish the side of the ridge by spraying Moroccanoil® Luminous Hairspray Strong Hold and then following with your finger. The trick here is to spray the side of the ridge, then follow the ridge with your finger while the spray is still wet. 


On the left, Kasia applies Smoothing Lotion to a section. On the right, she twists the section, preparing to pin it into place.


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Photo Credit: Instagram via @kasia_fortuna

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