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Last updated: December 21, 2021

CBD In Haircare: The Facts, Myths & What You Should Know

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CBD In Haircare: What You Need To Know

Beauty brands have been launching CBD-based products over the past couple years, and now the trendy ingredient is hitting haircare. To make it easier to navigate, we’re breaking down the hair health benefits, FAQs, proper usage and every fact, myth or rumor you’ve heard about CBD. (And spoiler alert—using shampoo with CBD in it will not get you high!)


What Is CBD & CBD Isolate?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound extracted from cannabis plants. Yes, marijuana is also extracted from cannabis plants, but it is not the same as CBD! Unlike marijuana, CBD does not contain THC—CBD is non-intoxicating and packed with vitamins and amino acids.


Hemp plants (a member of the cannabis plant family) are harvested and put through a clean extraction process. This process produces CBD Isolate, a crystallized powder that is 98% pure CBD.


How Would I Use CBD Haircare?

Products lines with CBD like Aquage® AlgaePlex™ PLUS CBD are super versatile and applied just like any other haircare. The line uses plant-derived CBD Isolate and botanical blends that can be formulated to create virtually any styling or haircare product.


CBD haircare doesn’t require any special usage or application out of the ordinary. In fact, celeb stylist Laura Polko (@laurapolko) uses the Aquage Algaeplex™ line on her A-list clientele to both nourish their hair and get them ready for huge events. Check out her styling secrets using CBD products!


Want to try it out? Check out the entire line of CBD products from Aquage for you and your clients!


Is CBD Good For Your Hair?

Absolutely! CBD is packed with vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids that each provide benefits for healthy hair and scalp. These benefits maximize when combined with Aquage’s proprietary blend of marine botanicals, Algaeplex™ that is scientifically formulated to moisturize, strengthen and protect the hair. 


A Few Key Benefits

  • Nourishes The Scalp: As we know, hair is only as healthy as the scalp! CBD oil is rich in natural antioxidants like Vitamin A, C and E that can nourish the scalp and calm any itch or irritation. 


  • Prevents Color From Fading: The amino acids found in CBD (specifically L-Tyrosine) can help maintain haircolor—cool right?! Amino acids also promote moisture retention which helps hair absorb product nutrients and water for shiny, strong hair. 


  • Promotes Hair Growth: Fatty acids like Omega-3 found in CBD boosts collagen production that can strengthen the scalp tissue, promoting hair growth. The fatty acids can also help rebalance hair’s elasticity, making it grow strong and become less prone to breakage. 


Check out Dixie D’Amelio’s sleek top knot from the 2021 MTV VMA’s created using Aquage CBD Medium Hold Styling Gel:

zig zag y2k parting sleek spiky topknnot laura polko aquage dixie d'amelio hairdresser
Photo Credit: Instagram via @laurapolko


Is CBD Legal?

Totally. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized CBD under federal law allowing the cultivation, sale and consumption of hemp-based products (including hemp-derived CBD). 


Which CBD Product Should I Try?

Ready to give CBD a try in 2022? The BTC Editorial Team is sharing their fave pics from the Aquage line for CBD newbies to try!


For Dull Hair:

Our editors recommend using Aquage CBD Styling Gel for looks that need a little shine. The firm but flexible hold delivers high-gloss shine for hair that needs a pick-me-up.




For Dry Hair:

For your extensions clients, you’ll love Aquage CBD Leave-In Conditioner. Apply before blow-drying for a smooth, hydrated finish.



For Fine Hair:

Our editors love Aquage CBD Texturizing Pomade for a soft, piecey look. Dab a small amount of pomade on your fingertips and gently twist through the ends of hair for a quick, texturized style!

Check out 5 more editor-approved hair hacks for texture & volume:

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