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Last updated: May 30, 2023

How To Style Curls Without The Crunch!

How To Style Soft & Bouncy Curls 

Cutting curls can be tricky, but we know that’s only half the battle. Sending your clients home with defined, bouncy curls is key to showcase the silhouette you spent time creating. If you’re struggling to provide your curly clients with a finished look, keep reading to learn curl definition tips, styling products you need and how to avoid frizz!


1. Not Seeing Curl Retention? This Might Be Why… 

Whenever you use product on curls, you want the hair to be wet from root to end to get the best curl retention. Senior Educator for Saphira Hair Julian Normand (@jeweldoeshair) says a “squeak test” will tell you if the hair is saturated enough.


Try this on your next client:
Julian says if you squeeze your client’s hair, it should audibly squeak when squished through your hands. This will tell you if the hair is wet enough! Remember, we want lots of hydration before applying product so avoid semi-damp or towel dried hair.


Swipe to see the before and after:

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2. Julian’s Curl Cocktail

Julian says there are a few products he will always use for curly clients: a curl cream, a sculpting lotion and a leave-in treatment.


Here’s Julian’s go-to curl cocktail:
  • First, cocktail one pump of Saphira Hair Divine Curl Cream with two pumps of Saphira Hair Sculpting Lotion. Mix the products together evenly before applying it to the hair.
  • Next, before drying the hair, Julian uses Saphira’s The One for heat protection, frizz control and hydration to smooth split ends and detangle curls.


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3. Frizz-Free Curls: Here’s How!

Have your client tilt their head back and dry the hair 75 percent on low heat and low setting before diffusing—here’s why:


When the outer layer is almost dry, diffusing the hair will not cause lots of frizz. If you skip drying the hair low and slow and diffuse upward immediately, frizz starts to form. Be sure to point your hair dryer downward for this step!

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