How To Keep Clients + Upsell Services With Positive Psychology How To Keep Clients + Upsell Services With Positive Psychology
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Last updated: October 30, 2020

How To Keep Clients + Upsell Services With Positive Psychology

Learn How To Use Positive Psychology To Improve Client Retention

Are you worried about losing clients? Having trouble upselling services? If the answer is YES, it may be time to elevate your salon’s client experience. BTC Editorial Director Lauren Rees (@lllllllaur) spoke to Saphira Founder and CEO Saphira Greenberg about positive psychology and the importance of using the right language to empower yourself behind the chair. Watch the entire conversation above and keep scrolling for tips that will help you keep clients and boost business!


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What Is Positive Psychology?

Positive psychology was founded by Martin Seligman, who spoke about changing the interior dialogue in your mind when you face a negative situation from pessimistic to optimistic in his book “Learned Optimism.” For example: During COVID-19, many salons have had to push through extremely difficult times, unconsciously using positive psychology to get through the pandemic and stay successful.


So, how can we use this same mindset—turning negatives into positives—to enhance our client experience? Short answer: By elevating every salon visit to a more pampering experience.


Why Language Is Important

It’s important that a client feels appreciated and cared for when they’re in the salon. “Language is crucial,” says Saphira. “I know stylists only have a certain amount of minutes because they need to go to the next client, so it’s very important, the language that they’re using [to speak to the client].” So instead of simply offering a classic blowout, Saphira has found that using the term “ritual” signals to clients that they’re about to receive a unique and pampered experience. 


What is a “ritual?” That’s what the brand calls their specialty salon treatments featuring their natural haircare line, formulated with 26 essential minerals from the Dead Sea. For example, the Mineral Mud Scalp Massage Ritual uses the Saphira Mineral Mud treatment to deep condition and revive dry, damaged or color-treated hair. 


Here’s A List Of “Ritual” Services Saphira Offers


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The Salon Visit Starts With The Receptionist

“With a salon [visit], it always starts at the receptionist,” says Saphira. Since the front desk is the first place of interaction, it’s important that receptionists have a positive attitude which will help them upsell services. When the receptionist calls the client to confirm the appointment, that’s a golden opportunity for them to upgrade the client’s service. Saphira gives receptionists a script that they can use as a tool to personalize the call to any client and easily helps them recommend an additional ritual treatment.


Note: Don’t think of the “rituals” as an add-on, but a completion of the service. This will help sell them as a necessity to the client.


Watch the full interview to see the front desk script in action and learn more about how positive psychology can help your business!

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