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Last updated: September 06, 2023

4 Styling Tips For A Foolproof Bouncy Blowout

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Photo Credit: Instagram via @sarabotsfordhair

How To Build Volume on Medium & Fine-Haired Clients

Bouncy layers and mega-volume styles aren’t just for the thickest locks. For your clients whose hair leans on the finer side or even the middle of the road, the right technique can create voluminous styles that last. And they won’t have to sacrifice moisture and shine for endless heat and tight rollers to get it.


Keep scrolling for four easy-to-follow styling tips to give your clients a blowout that lasts long after they leave your salon doors.


1. Finishing up your haircut? Here’s how to make that salon-fresh look last. 

Are you finishing your haircuts with a classic blowout? You should be—here’s why. Not only does this allow you to detail the cut on dry hair, but you’re also able to build volume and shape that reveals and accentuates your work.


The key: Don’t rush through the blowout and grab your wand to throw in some waves. Build a strong foundation with a round brush and a cocktail of volume-building products that will create volume that actually lasts.


From start to finish, here are Denver-based Sara Botsford’s (@sarabotsfordhair) go-to products for a typical layered haircut appointment:


  1. Prep: Saphira The One Leave-In Spray Mask to heal split ends, detangle and add shine. (Pro tip: This spray is also a convenient cutting lotion.)
  2. Finish: Build a blowout with long-lasting shape using Saphira Sculpting Lotion for an all-day yet soft and flexible hold.


Swipe to see the before and after of Sara’s styling routine: 

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2. Turn fine-to-medium density hair into supermodel volume—here’s how.

If you’re looking for a round brush and roller collab that works even for finer-haired clients, you’ve come to the right place. Sara has perfected her technique for giving lower density strands a much appreciated lift. 


Here’s how Sara turns up the volume:


  1. On damp hair, spray Saphira Volumizer onto the roots to add body and volume while achieving a gentle hold and a silky smooth feel.
  2. Apply Sculpting Lotion from midlengths to ends for additional protection.
  3. Starting at the crown, blow-dry and round brush two to three inch sections throughout. Set on a velcro roller to cool.
  4. After the crown is complete, continue setting the hair on rollers or by allowing each section to cool on the round brush.
  5. Remove the rollers to reveal BIG, BOUNCY hair!


Click the image to see the results for yourself:

Photo Credit: Instagram via @sarabotsfordhair


3. This product cocktail proves that shine & hydration go hand-in-hand.

Dry, brittle hair? Don’t know her! Sarayah Hernandez (@hairbysarayah) has a simple product combination that leaves her clients’ hair glass-like and silky every time:


  1. Prep with The One Leave-In Spray Mask for hydration.
  2. Blow-dry the hair, working in sections.
  3. Finish with a touch of Saphira Mineral Drop Oil for shine!


Bonus points: Both products are infused with Saphira’s signature 26 minerals, giving the hair a nourished look and feel:

Photo Credit: Instagram via @hairbysarayah


4. Bouncy blowout in just five easy steps.

Blowout longevity = a strategic product lineup. That’s why Alyssa Salmon (@thehairwaytoheaven) uses nourishing but purposeful styling tools every step of the way.


Here’s Alyssa’s go-to method for clients (and herself!):


  1. Gently cleanse the hair with nourishing Saphira Mineral Moisturing Shampoo and Conditioner to dissolve any build-up on the scalp.
  2. Globally apply The One Leave-In Spray Mask to detangle and add heat protection.
  3. Spray Volumizer all over the roots ONLY to accentuate and build.
  4. If you want extra volume, apply Sculpting Lotion for flexible body. Plus, it can help boost the longevity of the look with its touchable but strong hold.
  5. Blow-out, then apply Mineral Drop Oil globally to smooth out any frizz and loose ends.


Click the image to see Alyssa’s entire process:

Photo Credit: Instagram via @thehairwaytoheaven


Achieve volume, shine and moisture all at once—add Saphira to your salon menu.


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