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Last updated: October 21, 2021

Mineral+ Mud

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Saphira launches revolutionary replenishing and nourishing treatment Mineral+ Mud, a Glacial Clay Mineral powder that deeply hydrates damaged hair, improves hair texture and balances pH levels for both hair and scalp. 


Mineral+ Mud is formulated with 26 concentrated minerals extracted from glacial ice and volcanic ash—a new technology in hair treatment! The glacial ice ingredients draw moisture from within skin tissues to hydrate the surface of the scalp, removing build-up and leaving hair with an extreme-gloss finish. Mineral+ Mud is safe for all types and designed to enhance damaged or chemically treated hair to reveal high-shine and healthy vibrance. 


Application: Pour the vial of Glacial Clay Mineral powder into the Mineral+ Mud and mix thoroughly using the custom wooden tool.



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Mineral+ Mud

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