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Last updated: March 04, 2021

Is Your Diffuser Method Working? Try These Tips!

Learn How To Enhance Type 2 & 3 Curls Using A Diffuser

Most stylists recognize that curls aren’t created equal, but still aren’t diversifying their technique to fit each client. West Coast Beauty, Inc. went live with  flow™ Director of Education Melanie Bolton (@melanie_flowhaircare) to show us how to enhance and style Type 2 & 3 curls using a diffuser.


Melanie broke down how she preps the hair before the blow dry process and why she prefers to diffuse this hair texture curl by curl. Watch the full tutorial above and keep scrolling for the tips! 


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Defining Natural Waves & Curls

When defining with curly and textured hair, the majority of the styling happens before you even pick up the diffuser. Here’s how Melanie preps curls for blow styling:


  • On freshly washed hair, start sectioning in the back to access the client’s curl pattern. The curl pattern is usually tighter at the nape or around the hairline, so it’s best to start styling underneath and work toward the front.


  • Take a curled section and apply flow™ zeroFRICTION™ Detangling Treatment for moisture and ALL DAY TAME Smoothing Balm to control the frizz. 


  • Define the section using a Denman brush by pulling away from the root, twisting as you go to define the natural curl pattern. Make sure to follow the hair’s natural movement or the curls will come out undefined. 


A Quick Look At The Different Curl Types!


Blowstyling Using A Diffuser

When you think of using a diffuser on curly hair, do you picture the client flipping their hair to one side with the diffuser directly in the curls? That technique works on certain curl patterns, but isn’t always ideal for every client. Melanie prefers to use directional blowdrying to set looser Type 2 or 3 curls, versus taking a diffuser straight to the hair. Here’s how she does it:


  • Using a diffuser on medium heat, start drying the roots first with the blowdryer hovering above the head. Don’t run fingers through the hair to avoid the skin’s natural oils transferring, instead use a hair pick to lift the roots for volume.


  • Once the roots are finished, start drying the ends curl by curl. Lightly take an individual curl and let it fall into its natural shape in the hand. Then gently place the curl in the diffuser on an angle to avoid frizzy ends.


  • Once the curl is dry, remove from the diffuser and let cool. Avoid touching the curls when they’re hot so they can set in their natural pattern without manipulation.


Pro Tip: When dealing with highly textured hair, Melanie will sit her clients under a hooded dryer first to get the hair mostly dry and then diffuse the ends. Tighter coils expand on their own, so there’s no need to manipulate them for volume.


Here’s A Version Of The Final Look!


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