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Last updated: December 16, 2020

Watch: Sleek Holiday Ponytail How-To

Watch This Ponytail Tutorial You Can Use For Any Occassion

Anyone can pull their hair into a ponytail, but what separates the glam from the soccer mom is how it’s executed. Flow™ Director of Education Melanie Bolton (@melanie_flowhaircare) taught us her steps on achieving a sleek holiday ponytail that can be worn for any occasion on a Facebook Live with West Coast Beauty, Inc. Grab the styling tips and check out the finished look below, plus watch the full video tutorial!


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Directional Blowstyling

Before pulling the hair into a ponytail, Melanie recommends blowstyling the hair to control where the hair is going to lay and smooth out any flyaways. First, separate the hair into two parts in the front and back of the head. Then take a very small section of hair, spray with flow™ radiantARMOR™ Heat Protect Spray and blow dry the hair in the desired direction.


Note: Remember to apply the radiantARMOR™ Heat Protect Spray to each section. One of the biggest issues new stylists run into when blowdrying is not using enough product to get the desired result. 


Check Out The Before & After!

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Securing The Ponytail

Once you’ve blowstyled the hair in the desired direction, begin creating the ponytail. Here’s how it’s done:


  • Start with the back section.


  • Apply flow™ impeccableFINISH™ FLEX Working Hairspray though the hair at the roots.


  • Use a rattail comb to draw a line from the eyebrow to the back of the head to see where you want the ponytail to lay.


  • Place a hand around the back ponytail section and use the knuckle of the thumb as a reference point to where the top of ponytail should sit.


  • Wrap a piece of elastic string around the ponytail, using the thumb to hold it in place as it’s wrapped around. Knot it three times to secure and pull the pony to tighten.


  • Brush the top section into the ponytail using radiantARMOR™ Heat Protect Spray and impeccableFINISH™ FLEX Working Hairspray. Wrap another elastic around the pony to secure.


Pro Tip: Remove bumps and grooves in the ponytail by taking the tail end of a rattail comb and smoothing it through the hair until the bumps smooth out.


Do This If You Don’t Have Bobby Pins

Here’s how to cover a ponytail holder without using bobby pins. Melanie simply takes a piece of hair from the back of the ponytail and wraps it around the base to cover the hair tie. As the hair is wrapped around the ponytail, apply a generous amount of impeccableFINISH™ FLEX Working Hairspray and set with a blowdryer after each pass for hold and a smooth finish.


The heat from the blowdryer is what secures the hair together so it doesn’t move. A bobby pin can be added for extra security, but isn’t needed.


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