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Last updated: January 03, 2022

3 Tips To Get Defined, Frizz-Free Curls

Do This To Achieve Frizz-Free, Natural Curls

We all love to double tap eye-catching, voluminous, natural curls on Instagram, but can you recreate the look for your clients? If the answer is no, hairstylist Oana Ciofu (@hair_by_oana) and Moroccanoil® have got you covered! Scroll down for her three styling tips for frizz-free curls your clients will adore and check out the finished look. Make sure to watch the full tutorial above for more curl education!


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1. Just Add Water

Oana starts styling curls on soaking wet hair. Why? Because, water prevents the client’s hair from frizzing up. As she moves through each styling product, she continues to add more water where needed at the slightest sign of fuzziness. This step can take time, but it ensures that the client has the silky, frizz-free curls they want!


Check Out The Before & After!

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2. Use The Right Products 

The right curl products should be able to seal in moisture and add a silkiness to the hair to prevent frizz. Oana uses Moroccanoil® All In One Leave-In Conditioner to add slip to the curls, then follows with Moroccanoil® Curl Defining Cream and Moroccanoil® Styling Gel Medium for moisture and to enhance definition. After diffusing, Oana goes in with Moroccanoil® Treatment to break up the gel cast for a natural finish.


Note: Oana uses a lot of products, but avoids weighing down the hair by only using a pump or two. A little goes a long way!



3. Don’t Touch The Hair When Drying

It’s tempting to want to run your hands through your client’s hair while drying, but that path leads to lost moisture and frizz. Instead, let the diffuser attachment on your blowdryer do all the work for you. Here’s how Oana does it:


  • First, move the diffuser around the head in a circular motion to start drying, making sure the attachment is not touching the hair. 


  • Once the hair has started to dry, start drying the roots by pushing the diffuser from the midlengths up to the roots. This also helps add volume as the hair dries. 


  • Focus on drying the roots first—don’t diffuse the ends until the roots are dry. If the ends dry faster than the roots, the hair will frizz.


  • When the roots are almost dry, start diffusing the ends by scrunching the curls in the diffuser and pushing up toward the head.


  • Once the hair is 50 percent dry, flip the client’s hair upside down and continue to diffuse the roots for extra volume.


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