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Last updated: June 26, 2023

Aveda Arts Takes Crucial Steps For Advancing Texture Education

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Photo Credit: Instagram via @avedaartists @studiolushdetroit

Here’s How Aveda Arts Is Prioritizing Textured Hair Education For Cos Students

Imagine this: A client walks into your salonbut instead of inviting them to your chair, you have to turn them away because you don’t know how to service their hair type. This scenario is all too common for clients with textured hair and something many cosmetology schools across the nation are working to change. 


Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes is ushering in a new generation of stylists with education on all hair textures starting from day one of cos school. The goal: To create a more inclusive beauty industry for all.


Aveda’s goal: To make texture education a cos school essential.

While Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes has worked to incorporate all hair textures throughout their entire curriculum, not all cosmetology schools are taking the same steps. So, President of Neill Corporation and the Louisiana Board of Cosmetology Edwin Neill (@edwinneill) decided to give them a push.


“As we developed our education to be more focused on texture and to be at a higher level regarding texture, it occurred to me in my capacity as Chairman of the Board of Cosmetology of Louisiana: How do we ensure that all students, not just Aveda Arts students, are graduating with the ability to work on all hair types?” Edwin explains.


Edwin’s solution: Place a section on texture in the practical exam for cosmetology. The resolution to include textured hair testing in the practical exam passed in Louisiana back in November of 2021—with zero pushback.


From there, Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes has worked with the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) to become part of the Texture Education Coalition along with L’Oréal Professionnel, DevaCurl and other hair brands. Together, they influence cosmetology state boards and legislation across the nation to equip stylists with the education necessary to service all hair.


Check out this gorgeous style by @looksbyjanaya:

Photo Credit: Instagram via @avedaarts @looksbyjanaya


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For Aveda students, texture education starts on day one.

“Talking about texture education and putting systems in place are great, but then we actually have to step up and do it,” says Traci Sakosits (@tracisak_hair), Vice President of Education & Creative Direction at Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes. “Texture is one of our top priorities at Aveda Arts. It is woven throughout the entire curriculum, which I think is going to make the biggest difference.”


Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes strives to send every graduate off with the knowledge, tools and confidence to service all hair types. For that to be possible, texture is present in the theory, application and diverse clientele of every speciality domain, including:


  • Haircutting
  • Hair color
  • Natural dressing
  • Styling


Each domain dives into deeper areas of textured haircare and proper service. For example, “hairdressing” would entail:


  • Protective styles such as locs, braids and twists
  • Sew-ins
  • Wig theory
  • Hair extension theory
  • Braid extension theory
  • Hands-in-hair workshops


Director of Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes NYC Wayne Woodruff (@wayne_woodruff)’s entry for the Edwin Neill Competition:

Photo Credit: Instagram via @avedaarts @wayne_woodruff


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The classroom lays the foundation for future learning & careers.

While there is much for students to learn about appropriately caring for curls, coils and waves, Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes’ goal is to give them a firm, strong foundation they can confidently build upon throughout their careers. 


“I’ve been with Aveda Arts now for six years, and the difference that I have seen in advancement with texture is amazing,” says Tukia Allen (@boldbytukia), Atlanta-based Educator Coach at Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes. “The future of education for textured hair starts with letting our students know that they have options, and that hasn’t always been the case…Now, it’s a different world for that and the tables are opening up for them.”


LaKahyia Moll (@lmollstylist), Educator Coach at Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes in Lafayette, agrees. “Texture education allows us to freely create, which is ultimately what this industry is about,” LaKahyia says. “Once the learners are ready to be working with real people and real life situations, they are confident. We’ve built that confidence so it doesn’t matter who sits in their chair—texture or no. They only see the hair.”


LaKahyia’s work at her very own Meraki Luxe Salon & Spa:

Photo Credit: Instagram via @lmollstylist


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