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Last updated: January 03, 2024

Why Substituting Shampoo Can Help Style The Wolf Cut, Bixies & Shags

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Photo credit: Instagram via @modestspotcarrillo

Faux-textured haircuts like the wolf cut, shags, mullets, bixies, mixies—we’ll save our breath. While your texture-forward haircuts look great at the end of a service, we’re here to remind you that heavily-layered cuts rely on maintaining a canvas that’s realistic to style long after it has left your chair. 


If you’re struggling with clients who “just can’t style their hair,” scroll through to learn about a simple cleansing swap that can change your client’s hair and reveal your hard work every time they step out of the shower—without a cabinet full of products. 


PSA: The Way Clients Wash Their Hair Can Change Their Haircut

Although a haircut is the framework for a look, the foundation is the way your client’s hair naturally falls. We all have clients who “don’t know” what to do with their hair, and it’s time we teach them that literally cleansing, not just shampooing, their hair can reveal their true natural texture.


So, what should you recommend? Skip shampoo. Hair health starts with scalp health, but we rarely hear how much scalp health can transform the body, texture and volume of hair, too. This is crucial for clients with mullets, shags, wolf cuts—any haircut relying on lift and body. Instead of sending your clients home with bottles of aerosol products, we found an easier solution.


Tap below to watch razor-cutting specialist Lina Waled (@linadoeshair) demo the difference between using Hairstory Original New Wash versus shampoo for air-dried results with zero product:


Photo credit: Instagram via @linadoeshair


Is this your post-shampoo era? Browse more from Hairstory and the entire New Wash line here.


Why Cleansing, Not Shampooing, Shags, Bixies & More Is Important

Have you noticed that a lot of your shag clients come to your chair with limp hair that has a bit of a natural bend to it? Most of these clients have the same thing in common: They don’t know how to style their natural hair because it “doesn’t do anything” and they want a haircut to style itself. 


An expert in cool-girl haircuts, Ellie Stommel (@thebangsbabe) shares her post-cutting product lineup for this bixie transformation. “I prepped with Hairstory New Wash,” Ellie says. “Then, I hand-styled using Undressed Spray and Hair Balm for the ultimate effortlessly undone hair moment.”


Here’s a recap list to screenshot of Ellie’s go-to products:

  • Hairstory Original New Wash
  • Undressed Spray—Adds volume, moisturizes and creates touchable texture
  • Hair Balm—Revive dry, over-processed hair without feeling weighed down by product 


Watch the full bixie transformation here:

Photo credit: Instagram via @thebangsbabe


Looking at this high-volume shag from Stephanie Carrillo (@modestspotcarrillo), you can see a side-by-side difference that cleansing with New Wash made in this client’s after-results. Aside from the cropped fringe and relayered touch-up, the silhouette and texture of Stephanie’s client’s hair completely changed by ridding the scalp and hair follicles of:

  • Synthetic ingredients
  • Day-to-day pollutants
  • Product buildup
  • Loss of natural oils


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Keep The Low Maintenance In Low-Maintenance Haircuts

Even though you may have spent thirty minutes perfecting layers and shaping, your client should be able to take their new haircut home and make it look the way you did each day. Ashley Silvano (@ashleysilvanohair) shares that Hairstory is “A match made for low-maintenance lifestyles,” EVEN for clients with extensions and color-treated hair.


Check out Ashley’s color and extension client’s before and after using New Wash, Hair Balm and Hair Oil with only a diffuser to enhance these gorgeous natural waves after a color service and extension move-up.


Photo credit: Instagram via @ashleysilvanohair


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