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New Wash


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“You shouldn’t wash your hair every day.” How many stylists have said this to their clients? That’s why Hairstory developed New Wash, a shampoo-free cleanser that replaces detergent with oil-based cleansing.


Developed by former Bumble & bumble execs, Hairstory started because product developer Jackie Bauer struggled with scalp psoriasis. Despite trying many products, she never really landed on a solution. She set out to create her own detergent-free cleanser, and New Wash was born.


What makes New Wash different? It’s oil-based, with fatty alcohols that moisturize and condition. “The product goes in and grabs oil, dirt and buildup,” Hairstory CEO and Chairman Eli Halliwell said. “It really cleans, but it doesn’t strip—that’s the magic.”


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By cleansing without detergent, Hairstory says that hair becomes healthier and stronger, with less frequent washings required. This helps color last longer and allows scalp conditions to improve.


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Plus, New Wash comes in pouches, making it easy to refill the product’s reusable bottle. “When it was time to create Hairstory, I wanted to incorporate as much sustainable energy as we possibly could,” Eli said. “Bottles are the worst culprit.” Think about it—bottles are manufactured overseas and must be shipped empty, then filled somewhere and shipped again. Then the product is used and the bottles get tossed.


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Now, the brand sells New Wash in pouches, cutting plastic use by 90 percent. Hairstory is able to ship 10 pouches for every 1 bottle, and the pouches can be shipped empty and flat, lowering the carbon footprint.


New Wash comes in three formulas:

  • Rich: For dryer hair types that want richer moisture
  • Original: The original cleanser
  • Deep: For oily hair types and a deeper clean


Manufacturer: Hairstory, @hairstorystudio

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