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Last updated: November 23, 2022

7 Styling Cheats For Curly Hair

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Alexa, play JUICE by Lizzo! Your curly clients want juicy, wet and clumpy curls that look good and feel good too. That’s why we’re dishing seven must-know styling cheats, quickie video tutorials and tips for custom treatments and co-wash, hydrating curls, adding volume and more! Keep scrollin’ to learn it all from curly hair experts.


1. How To Achieve Max Volume On Stretched Out Roots

Struggling to achieve lift at the roots? If your client has low density hair or curls that get stretched out at the roots when wet, try this pin curl technique from Daisy Henson (@curlyhairdaze). Use this method at the top and crown to give lift and bounce to the roots and encourage the curl during the drying process.


Remember these quick steps and tips:

  • Add styling products to wet hair before setting.
  • Create the pin curls using your fingers and secure with double prong clips. Finger coil the sides.
  • After the top is set, proceed to air-drying or diffusing.
  • Release pin curls after 60 to 70 percent dry.
  • Finish drying, then separate and fluff!


Watch Daisy Demo The Technique Below

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2. Curly Cocktail For Bouncy Movement

Try this custom spray bottle application trick for high-shine curls from Christin Brown (@curlfactor). This also works great for wigs to add softness and bouncy, touchable movement without causing stickiness or stiffness.


What To Mix:

  • Olaplex No.6 Bond Smoother: Squeeze enough into a spray bottle to last a few clients.
  • Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil: A few drops with take care of a few heads.
  • Spring Water: Flat water without bubbles.


How To Apply:

  1. Dampen hair with curl mixture using a spray bottle.
  2. Apply more Olaplex No.6 if you need it, start with a pea-sized amount.
  3. Scrunch in upward motion to encourage the curls.
  4. Diffuse hair with low heat, slow speed.


Watch The Quickie Tutorial Below

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3. Sponge Trick For Coiled Styles

Here’s how Joan Dellavalle (@joandellavallehairstylist) achieves a coiled style on short Afro and curly hair textures. She applies Olaplex No.6 Bond Smoother using the palm of her hand and works in circular motions with a Barber Hair Brush Wave Sponge. The sponge’s textured holes and your hand movement will help you achieve coils in minutes, faster than using your fingers. 


Plus, the Olaplex No.6 leave-in smoothing cream will help strengthen and moisturize, while eliminating unwanted frizz. 


See How It’s Done In The Video Below

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4. Finger Walking: What It Is & Why You Should Try It

It’s exactly what it sounds like—walking down each curl with your fingers to properly detangle. Why? It creates juicy, defined results. When you reach a tangle, take the time to gently slide it out with your fingers, suggests @curlfactor. This will ensure that your client’s hair stays on their head, not wrapped up in a comb or brush.


Check Out The Technique Below

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5. Mix Your Own Co-Wash

Customize your own co-wash for clients with this genius idea from @joandellavallehairstylist. By applying this simple mix before washing, this will make the comb-out process less painful, especially after a braided protective style.


What To Mix:

  • Olaplex No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner (20%)
  • Water (10%)


How To Apply:

  • Start applying to the root area first and massage to moisturize the hair before washing.
  • Remember to take out any knots before trying this method.


Watch The Video Below With Sound 🔊

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6. How To Keep Curls Hydrated

Conditioning is the most important part of the process to achieve big and bouncy hair, says @curlfactor. Here’s Christin’s three-step process for keeping curls hydrated.


  1. Apply Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner to cleanse and condition.
  2. Detangle with Olaplex No.5 and allow to process for 3 minutes, or 5 minutes on drier curls.
  3. Rinse and apply a cocktail of Olaplex No.6 and Olaplex No.7 on top of wet curls. Then, diffuse.


Pro Tip: Tap Olaplex No.7 onto your hands and rub together and scrunch into hair for additional shine.


Remember: Hydration Is KEY 💦

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7. Don’t Forget This Simple Styling Rule  

If curls look clumpy and juicy wet, they will also look like that when they’re dry—as long as you diffuse correctly! Here’s a tip from Paris McElroy (@paris_mcelroy): Clump (or smush) wet curls together while styling to give more defined curls once they’re dried.


Check Out The Before & After 

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