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Last updated: February 17, 2022

Perms: Your Complete Guide To This #TBT Curl Service

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The Perm Is Back—Here’s What You Need To Know!
If you’re on TikTok (if not, download immediately and follow us, because duh!), then you’ve seen all the “E-boys”—aka a Gen Z subculture that is worth the Urban Dictionary search—documenting their own perms. That’s right. Perms are on our 2020 trend radar! High school boys are going to their local hairdresser or doing it themselves (with STRAWS!!), so get ready to bust out those beauty school skills for the perm’s return.


But, it’s not just the boys! Women have been requesting the curly and wavy treatment, too. That’s why we asked curl expert and #ONESHOT winner Raven Camacho (@soraverly) and BTC Team Member Jeffrey Robert (@jeffreyrobert_) everything you need to know about this curly comeback. Read it all below!


Peep TikTok Creator Jaden Hossler’s Perm & A Trending DIY Video Below 👀

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going for the perm soon

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For people saying I shouldn’t have brushed it or used hairspray, here ya go

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1. Back To Basics: Here’s What Clients Can Expect

  • Hot v. Cold Perms: “Hot perms for longevity,” shares Jeffrey. “Cold perms are great for guys who are afraid of commitment.”


  • The ARROJO American Wave Method: This technique involves soft, bendy rods and cold solution. “It’s a ton less harsh on hair,” shares Raven, who is certified in this method. “You can even do it on lightened hair without a ton of damage.”


  • Size Matters: The smaller the perm rod, the tighter the curl. “Tighter curls are only possible with tighter rods and shorter layers,” shares Raven. “The haircut goes with the American Wave like bread and butter.”


Pro Tip: To create more diversity in the curl pattern, Raven recommends alternating bendy flex rods in multiple sizes.


Watch Raven’s American Wave Technique Below!

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2. The Perm Process

  • Prep with a clarifying, pH balancing shampoo. Skip the conditioner.
  • Get to wrapping—customizing the technique based on the client’s haircut. The entire perm and processing time will take anywhere between 3 to 4 hours.
  • After rolling and applying solution, Raven blots the moisture between rods and re-rolls if needed. 
  • The haircut is KEY to perms. The haircut needs to support and complement the new shape/texture so it’s equally as important. 


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3. Take-Home Tips: The Dos & Don’ts Of Perms

  • Towels: DON’T use terry cloths which can disrupt the hair texture and create frizz. DO use microfiber towels or a soft t-shirt to gently blot away extra moisture after the shower.


  • Styling: DON’T brush out wet curls. “[DO] apply styling products when hair is SOAKING WET and your curls will be so happy, and sleep with a satin pillow case or scarf,” adds Raven. 


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Remind Clients To Do This:

  • Avoid overheating the hair.
  • Learn how to use a diffuser on medium heat.
  • Don’t over brush the curls.
  • Moisture is KEY for curls (real or fake!). After washing, use a mask and curly products to support curls whether air-drying or diffusing.


Another E-boy trend to keep on your radar… dipped ends! Are you ready for ’em?