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Last updated: May 10, 2023

3 Ways Aquage’s Rebrand Is Saving Our Oceans

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Aquage 2023 Rebrand Focuses On Healthy Seas & Sustainability

New logo, new colors, new packaging—but with the same Aquage formulas we know and love. Storefronts everywhere have seen this new look, but this rebrand is much more than an aesthetic refresh.


From the very beginning, Aquage has taken pride in their ocean-empowered formulas. Now—25 years later—the brand is highlighting their commitment to waterway conservation and global health with net zero plastic waste and high-performing, sustainable products.


Here’s what you need to know:


1. Every year, the ocean is spared from 50 tons of plastic waste.

Thanks to a partnership with PlasticBank®, Aquage stops 2.5 million plastic bottles (50 tons of plastic) from entering the world’s oceans annually. The overarching result: More ocean, less plastic.


Even stylists can get in on the action: A portion of every Aquage sale goes directly to the brand’s partnership with PlasticBank®. By choosing Aquage, salons are directly removing plastic pollution from our planet’s essential waterways.


New look, same impeccable performance—AND made of 100 percent recyclable, ocean-bound material!

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Save our waterways—join Aquage’s earth-conscious movement!

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2. Ocean-bound bottles always find their way back to you.

Did you know that the world produces over 300 million tons of plastic every year? And that more than 95 percent of it is only used once?


Reducing our plastic footprint is critical to global health, and Aquage has already taken the step. Aquage’s packaging is now 100 percent recyclable and made from ocean-bound material (a.k.a. plastic found 30 miles from the ocean’s coastline) that returns to store shelves.


Here’s how each Aquage bottle finds its way (back) to you:


  1. Waste collection: Plastic trash is removed from the coastline
  2. Sorting: Plastic bottles are separated from overall waste
  3. Shredding: Plastic is granulated
  4. Pellets: Plastic material is repurposed for future use
  5. Melt and reform: Plastic pellets are transformed into recycled plastic
  6. New product: Your favorite Aquage product returns to the shelf


Plus, Aquage collects 28 percent more plastic than used by their own products. The brand also ships plastic-free!


See the process for yourself:

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3. Sustainably-sourced ingredients = purposeful performance.

While Aquage’s rebrand may have given a beautiful facelift to all of our favorite products, they still deliver the same performance we know and love. Each Aquage product, from their iconic styling line to their SeaExtend® Ultimate Colorcare® line, is crafted with buildable, customizable formulas for every hair type—and with sustainably sourced Marine Botanicals™.


Here are the ocean-forward ingredients fueling Aquage’s next wave:


  • AlgaePlex®: Aquage’s proprietary blend of soothing, strengthening Marine Botanicals™—a treatment in every bottle!
  • Kelp: The most sustainable resource in the sea, packed with moisturizing proteins and amino acids
  • Irish moss: Contains nourishing minerals, vitamins and beta carotene
  • Red and green algae: Provides intense conditioning and antioxidant benefits to smooth and protect


Watch celeb stylist Laura Polko’s Aquage-style before and after:

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Click here to learn more about Aquage’s sustainable rebrand and partnership with PlasticBank®!


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