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Last updated: October 07, 2022

Red Carpet Waves: 4 Hacks To Avoid Stiff, Crunchy Hair

Celebrity Stylist Secrets For Silky Waves 

The struggle is real when it comes to making special event styles last without leaving a crunchy layer of hairspray behind. Celeb stylist Laura Polko (@laurapolko) stopped by to show us the red carpet ropes on product usage for styles that last AND move beautifully all night long. 


1. Be Conscious Of How You Apply Products

Whether you’re using a mist, mousse or spray think about the product’s consistency before going in and applying. Products with a thicker consistency can easily build up and dry stiff if they’re not applied properly. Sprays that add texture or body to the hair typically need to be applied at a distance to avoid added weight (and sticky product webs). 


“If I spray Aquage Beyond Body too close to the hair, I’ll get inconsistent product usage,” Laura explains. “When held close to the hair the product gets really wet and saturates the hair too much. For this style, we’re looking for a really light mist.” 


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2. Curling Placement and Sectioning For Volume

Laura says her best tip for voluminous waves is to place the curling iron underneath the hair before wrapping it around the barrel. “I find this really important because a lot of people don’t know where exactly to start their curls,” says Laura. Placing the curling iron under the hair creates height that the iron will mold into the hair for lasting volume. 


Pro Tip: “I think a lot of people work in horizontal sections but I like to part the hair vertically,” Laura explains. Try parting sections up and down instead of right to left before curling the hair. This sets up a great base for waves to cascade over top each section instead of clumping together side by side. 



3. Use Client’s Eye Line For A Face-Frame

Ever wonder how celeb’s red carpet looks are always so flattering? They’re tailored to their features!


Laura shares that she loves to use her client’s eye line as a reference point to insert her curling iron for the face-framing pieces. Making the first curl in line with your client’s eyes opens up the face and draws attention toward their eyes, making the hair look perfectly windswept as it frames their features. 



4. Seal Flyaways For A Silky Finish

Laura finds that using the warmth of her hands to create a custom product combo is the best way to lightly apply finishing products. Take a dot of Aqauge Transforming Paste on the palm of your hand, spray hairspray directly onto the product and emulsify in your hands. 


Lightly smooth away flyaways, seal ends together and create a long-lasting silky finish that will reflect light and shine under any heavy camera lighting. 



Check out the full demo to achieve this beautiful before & after!

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