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Last updated: June 17, 2019

4 Curl Set Tips From Celeb Stylist Adir Abergel

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4 Curl Set Tips From Celeb Stylist Adir Abergel

Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Garner all have one thing in common: Adir Abergel. He’s a master at red carpet styles and spilled his secrets to getting long-lasting waves on THE BTC SHOW stage in San Antonio. His secret weapon? Virtue® Labs products.


“Setting is the most important part,” Adir said. Taking your time to create the right foundation, using weightless products that also repair damage, will leave you with the best base for waves, whether they be Old Hollywood glam or loose and lived-in.


Products Used


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Start With Clean Hair

If you’re going to take time to create a beautiful set, make sure she can wear it for awhile by starting with clean hair. Adir likes to use Virtue® Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner on thick-haired ladies, and Virtue® Full Shampoo and Conditioner on finer-haired girls.


Repair Damage And Improve Shine

Virtue® is the only product line in the world that uses human keratin, extracted from human hair. This particular keratin “works for muscle, bone and tissue regeneration,” Virtue® CEO Melisse Shaban said—and it also happens to work wonders on hair.


“For my girls, because they are doing a lot of different roles, they are really compromising their hair,” Adir added. “Virtue® changed the way I do hair. I call it a GPS system because it goes in, finds out where the damage is and repairs it back to health giving me back that elasticity, that shine.”



Create A Strong Curl Set

Apply Virtue® Moisture-Defining Whip to damp hair, then blow-dry. Next, apply Virtue® Perfect Ending Split End Mender and Virtue® Polish Un-Frizz Cream for weightless control. Adir chooses a Marcel iron to curl at 350 degrees and feeds a section of hair through the iron before pinning on-base. Watch the gif below to see his technique!



Be Firm In The Brush-Out

Don’t be scared to brush through the curls! Adir works with a firm hand and recommends products that won’t weigh down the hair, like Polish Un-Frizz Cream. “I really love it because it’s incredibly lightweight and gives me just the right amount of shine.” Watch Adir brush through the curl set below!



BONUS: Loose, Cool-Girl Waves

Instead of sculpting the set into Old Hollywood waves, watch how Adir uses the curl set for volume, then grabs his Marcel to add loose bends to the hair.



SNEAK PEEK: Virtue® Color Kicks

Sharon Dorram, NYC-based celebrity colorist and Virtue® Color Director, gave the crowd a peek at Color Kicks—a new product from Virtue® that fills the hair with the brand’s human-derived keratin. The product is intended to be put into color (no need to change developer or formulate differently) and will offer longer-lasting, shinier results. “This little bullet will save you,” Sharon said. “You’ll have better coverage for gray, which for me is an amazing experience.” Stay tuned to Virtue® for more on Color Kicks!




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