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Last updated: May 10, 2021

5 Things To Remember When Entering Hair Competitions

Hair Competitions: Tips To Take Home The Prize

Want an all-expenses-paid trip to Barcelona, $5,000 and the title of American Crew All-Star? We KNOW you do…and we’re going to tell you how you can get it! The American Crew All-Star Challenge 2021 is accepting entries until May 15, 2021, and five stylists from across the globe will win BIG. Here are the tips you need to succeed!


American Crew Global Artistic Director Paul Wilson (@paulwilsoncrew) and previous All-Star Challenge Winner Nevsy Zee (@nevsyzee) dropped their best tips for All-Star Challenge competitors in the video above. Give it a watch, then keep reading for their advice!


The Must-Know Details

To enter, you must create a hairstyle that represents the American Crew look, showcase the look with two black-and-white photographs and explain the American Crew products you used to create the look. Click here for the fine print on how to enter.


Five Professional winners will get a $5,000 reward and a trip to Barcelona to participate in an editorial photo shoot with American Crew founder and renowned photographer David Raccuglia. One Student winner will receive a prize pack of American Crew product and merch valued at $2,000 and a one-on-one training session with an American Crew educator!


Click Here To Enter The American Crew All-Star Challenge: Win $5,000 And A Trip To Barcelona!


5 Tips To Perfect Your Entry

Ready to enter? Then you NEED to read these tips!


1. Select The Right Model

Choose a model you’ve worked with before so you understand the hair texture and what it can do, Nevsy said. Work with the natural texture of your model instead of fighting it. Bonus points if the model is comfortable in front of a camera.


2. Execute Your Vision Flawlessly

“Have a clear intention of the shape and finish it with absolute precision and detail,” Paul said. Need inspiration? The current American Crew collection, HQ, is all about the classic flattop with a ’90s, editorial twist. The looks are characterized by high horseshoes that drop low, with strong, square silhouettes.


3. Take Note Of What Products You Use and Why You Use Them

The All-Star Challenge Submission requires you to explain the American Crew products you used in your look. Be descriptive about what you used and explain the “why” behind each choice to set yourself apart.


For example:

  • Prep and Prime Tonic moisturizes and gives a slight hold while cutting, allowing for better sectioning while building texture.
  • Boost Powder gives memory and grip, adding volume to hair without weight.
  • Molding Clay offers natural shine to enhance texture without excessive hold.


4. Photograph The Look With Precision

To enter the All-Star Challenge, you must submit two black-and-white photos—one of the model looking at the camera, and one showcasing a profile view. Use a clean white background so the details of the cut are very clear, and showcase the best parts of the cut.


“A good haircut is recognized by a good taper, so if you have an exceptional taper, show it in the photo,” Nevsy said.


5. Practice Makes Perfect

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t win. By entering competitions, you’re putting yourself out there and continuing to grow. Remember, the more you practice your skills, the better your work will be. Continue to stay educated, try new things and collaborate with people that inspire you. You’ve got this!”

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