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Last updated: September 27, 2017

5 Tips For Connecting With Your Men’s Grooming Market

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Men—you might not be able to live with or without them…but there’s one thing you know is true when it comes to the guys in this world. They have been increasingly concerned about their appearance! And with increased attention toward their image and a reputation for stylist loyalty, it’s no wonder why this demographic has been more of a focus to salons, spas and barbershops alike.


So what can you do at your salon to appeal more to today’s modern man? Well, Takara Belmont has just the right furniture to make their salon experience totally comfortable, and they have just the tips to attract all the guys, too.


1. Give them confidence
It’s no secret that confidence affects the way we work, live and thrive, so it is important for clients to be assured that you can achieve the look that they desire. Incorporate large window displays to feature men’s hair styles and the latest trends in men’s grooming in your front of store display. Your marketing efforts will encourage foot traffic from prospective male clients. 


2. Create the right space
Enhance the comfort level for your clients by creating an inviting environment. Whether it’s multiple stations or a single VIP station, placement of the men’s grooming stations at the back of a shop provides more of a private service area for male clients. You can also break out the traditional clippers, badger bristle brushes and straight razors to complete the look and feel of a classic barbershop.


3. Take a minute to teach
Men are typically fiercely loyal clients. With an average of over 6.5 years under the same stylist or barber, they are the perfect demographic to create a stable client base and to foster repeatable product sales. Remember to recap a service and offer insight into why and which products are used. Offer a few basic styling tips if they have an extra minute or two to spare as well. It will help your male clients feel more comfortable with products when they can see the immediate results.


4. Empower your customers
Men tend to visit a salon or a barbershop more than women, which affords an opportunity to soft sell products, which is, at times, more effective than a forceful hard sale. While it is important to take a moment to summarize a service, it is also necessary to distinguish retail space for men’s grooming products. Separate retail spaces will allow clients to quickly identify their products so that they may purchase it at their leisure.


5. Create a transition plan
Balance both your equipment and your outreach based on your current and future goals. It’s not enough to simply drop in an iconic barbershop pole or a few vintage men’s grooming posters. By working with professional business and design consultants to craft the perfect transition plan for your business and your decor, you will have a better shot at increasing your client pool while maintain your existing client base.


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