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Last updated: May 02, 2023

How To Get Alexander Skarsgård’s Classic Met Gala Hairstyle

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Photo Courtesy Allison+ Partners PR.

HBO’s “Succession” fans, this one’s for you. Alexander Skarsgård walked onto The Met Gala 2023 carpet for this year’s theme: Karl Lagerfeld, A Line of Beauty, looking… well, extremely good looking. Thanks to Kumi Craig (@kumicraig), the celebrity groomer behind Alexander’s look for fashion’s biggest night out, we have the inspiration and how-to steps below that you need to recreate this look. 


“For Alexander’s Met Gala’s look this year, I wanted his hair to be stylish, yet effortless and casual, complementing his most recent character role in ‘Succession,’” said Kumi. “Using American Crew® Fiber Grooming Foam, Forming Cream and Grooming Spray, I was able to style his hair with holding powder that was capable of a full night of interviews and red carpets, but not appear overly primped and polished.” 


Products Used



First, apply a moderate amount of American Crew® Fiber Grooming Foam to damp hair to provide heat protection and manageable volume.


Next, use a diffuser to reduce frizz and enhance the natural texture of the hair.


Then, finger-comb a small amount of American Crew® Forming Cream through the hair for a medium hold, natural shine and added volume.


To finish the look, blow-dry the hair with a diffuser. Once dry, apply a few spritzes of American Crew® Grooming Spray to the styled hair to hold everything in place and provide the hair with a smooth after feel. 


Pro Tip: With buildable coverage, the Grooming Spray is a go-to for touch ups throughout the night if needed, says Kumi.

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