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Last updated: October 21, 2021

Lather Shave Cream


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A shave cream so luxurious, you’ll want to pick up the razor every day! American Crew® launches their Lather Shave Cream, a silky shave cream formula that coats every beard hair for a clean shave without irritation. 


Dermatologist tested and approved, this shave cream works to protect against razor burn while simultaneously hydrating the skin for a smooth finish. Lather Shave Cream is best used after showering when skin is still warm to allow a smooth razor glide across the skin without uncomfortable tugging.


To apply, simply wet a shaving brush with warm water and swirl around in product to create a rich lather. Paint the shave cream onto the beard in circular motions, being sure to lift hair away from the skin before shaving. Rinse with cool water to reveal a close shave and healthy, hydrated skin. 


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