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Last updated: October 20, 2017

The 3 Men’s Haircuts You’ll Do A Million Times More Than Any Others

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We love it when our guys are solid—when we can count on them to show up, stick to the routine, behave predictably. And when it comes to their hair—predictable is the word. Most guys stick to the same basic haircut for most of their lives. The pros at American Crew get this, which is why they have created solid education geared for the classic cuts that your male clients request again and again. And at their banging Opening Night event in Denver, recently, they went so far as to select and showcase the three most iconic cuts of all-time, based on the company’s 20 years of commitment to men’s style and education. Here are the how-tos for the haircuts you’re likely to do over and over again throughout the course of your career!



The New Classic Man 
Business on top, party on the face. Classic foundations; hard parts; blended disconnections and playful, shiny textures top robust beard shapes in these looks, which combine old school barber detailing with new school texture. For this look, tapers range from aggressive scalp exposure to full scalp coverage.


1. Begin with a horseshoe parting, typically high to standard, while being mindful of exaggerated weight at the side of the head.


2. Create a classic, basic head shape using the clipper as a primary tool.


3. Create exaggerated and non-traditional transitions with disconnection at the front hairline.


4. Maintain maximum length on the top of the head and guide the haircut by using existing elements of head shape and texture.


5. Finish the cut with tight low tapers at the hairline.


6. Spray hair with American Crew Medium Hold Spray Gel.


7. Using a blow dryer, push the wave forward working to accentuate the disconnection and finish with American Crew Molding Clay.


8. Style the beard with American Crew Light Hold Texture Lotion for a healthy look without too much shine.



The Rocker
These ’50s and ’70s inspired looks—think rockabilly meets Sex Pistols meets Chelsea Bridge rockers—appeal to the rebel in your chair. The top sections are super long and styled to buoyant heights; the sides are tight to the head and reminiscent of ’50s fenders.


1. Begin with a low to standard horseshoe parting.


2. Cut a basic head shape with graduation while keeping weight in Zone 2.


3. Cut secondary shape for target and elevation and if applicable, reduce the weight of the crown through cutting or styling.


4. Alter the length on the top, while cutting low across the top of Zone 4 and into
Zone 3. Keep in mind that width on the top is essential for this look.


5. Finish with a low taper to refine the hairline, and use a razor detail for target and direction of style.


6. Before styling, ensure the hair has 40 percent water saturation.


7. Start with American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel, and fold hair toward the back of the head, while keeping it long and messy in the front.


8. Using a blow dryer, comb hands through hair to create texture.


9. For finishing and styling touches, apply American Crew Pomade as needed.



The short, neat shapes of Ivy League rowing teams are embedded in American Crew’s DNA—the name itself was inspired by rowing “crews.”  This year, the athletic shape returns to the forefront of fashion, characterized by glossy finishes that represent a departure from the matte looks of past seasons, and achieved with a variety of clipper, shear and razor work.


1. Create a horseshoe parting relative to the desired shape and style.


2. Clipper with varying degrees of scalp exposure, which is essential in Zone 1.


3. Create a horizontal or vertical transition that’s fitted in the crown. Disconnection exists only in front of the ear, if at all.


4. Maintain considerable, but not exaggerated, length at the top. For this look, length slightly increases towards the face.


5. Finish with a low taper that is fitted and classic, and refine the look with shear over comb. Employ secondary shape slide cutting for support/aid of style.


6. Style with American Crew Pomade for a sporty, masculine look with movement to the side.