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Last updated: January 11, 2021

How To Choose The Right Texturizing Shears

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How To Choose The Right Shear For Creating Texture

Intimidated by texturizing shears but want to give your haircuts movement and texture? No worries BTC fam! We had texturizing king Chris Jones aka @chrisjones_hair break down his go-to texturizers from ARC™ Scissors so you know why, how and when to grab this texture tool. Scroll down for everything you need to know and so you can start creating that movement and texture your clients crave!



SYMMETRY 30/2 Reversible Blender 

The SYMMETRY 30/2 from ARC™ Scissors is Chris’s go-to blending tool. Why? “It removes only 15 percent of the hair,” he explains. “Which is perfect for scissor-over-comb and slide cutting, creating subtle movement in your haircuts.” 


Instagram via @chrisjones_hair


SYMMETRY 30/2 Reversible Blender



The Deets:

  • Removes 15 percent of the hair.


  • Works with all hair types.


  • Great for blending men’s cuts, pixies and bobs.


  • It is both reversible and anatomical, meaning it works for both right- and left-handed cutters. 


Pro Tip: To slide cut, Chris recommends entering the hair with the straight blade and closing the shear on the way out. “This allows you to remove weight and create movement in one step,” he explains.


SYMMETRY 28/4 Reversible Thinner

When Chris has clients with thick or coarse hair, he grabs the SYMMETRY 28/4 from ARC™ Scissors. Why? “Because it has two less teeth than the SYMMETRY 30/2, it really grabs the hair,” Chris explains. “Allowing for much more control when cutting.” 


arc-scissors-28-4 texturizer-chris-jones
Instagram via @chrisjones_hair


SYMMETRY 28/4 Reversible Thinner



The Deets:

  • Removes 35 percent of hair.


  • Perfect for removing weight and bulk.


  • Great for clients with medium to coarse hair.


  • It is both reversible and anatomical, meaning both right- and left-handed cutters can use it.


Pro Tip: Create subtle graduation and movement by point cutting. Use a cutting comb for control and enter the hair with the shear at an angle to remove weight and create movement. 


SYMMETRY 10/10 Reversible Texturizer 

Have you seen Chris cut his signature bobs using a texturizer? (If not, you should!) It’s with the SYMMETRY 10/10 from ARC™ Scissors. Why? “It’s the most versatile shear I’ve ever worked with,” Chris explains. “It has a chunkier weight removal, so I think of it more as sketching with a pencil to create a haircut instead of a straight shear.” 


Instagram via @chrisjones_hair


SYMMETRY 10/10 Reversible Texturizer 



The Deets:

  • Removes 50 percent of the hair.


  • Can be used to create texture in any haircut.


  • Great for all hair types.


  • Results in a soft finish without creating any frizz.


Pro Tip: When texturizing, Chris recommends texturizing only the bottom inch and a half at the perimeter. Why? “If you go any further up from the perimeter,” he explains, “you start to thin the hair instead of texturizing it.” 


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