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Last updated: September 27, 2018

5 Cutting Techniques You’ll Learn At THE BTC SHOW

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5 Cutting Techniques You’ll Learn At THE BTC SHOW

A major cutting CO-LAB is about to go down✂️! We know our BTC fam wants the tips and techniques behind today’s most on-trend cuts so we’re bringing the talent to THE BTC SHOW Aug. 26-28 in San Antonio, Texas! What’s a CO-LAB? It’s one hour of raw education on stage with five artists all doing what they do best—bringing you their signature cuts and the best techniques and tips, plus a Q&A with the audience!


Buddy Porter (@buddywporter), Kristan Serafino (@serafinosays), Matt Swinney (@matt.swinney), Joel Torres (@joeltorresstyle), and Jason Reyes (@iliketocuthair) are going to be taking over THE BTC SHOW stage to cover everything from creating textured and long layers, point-cutting techniques and tips for bettering your men’s grooming game. Interested? We thought so. Here’s what we suggest, 1) buy your ticket to the show HERE, and 2) scroll down for a taste of what’s to come when these five artist take the stage!



1. Textured Layers + Tapered Fringe—Watch The Video Quickie


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Love this quickie? Get a few tips from Buddy below, then get the steps for the look here!

  • When creating textured layers, cutting elevation depends on the hair density, where you want to see the layers fall and how much weight you want to remove.
  • When cutting the face frame, the first side is visual. Ask yourself where you want to see the fringe fall and how it will look styled, then use this as a guide for cutting the other side.


2. Point-Cut To Create Movement—Watch The Insta Vid


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  • Kristan is a top celeb stylist and men’s groomer, working with celebs like Shawn Mendes, Ryan Reynolds and Rob Pattison. Her go-to way to add texture in the hair? Point-cutting!
  • Here’s what Kristan says about the technique: By point-cutting into the hair, you remove bulk from the ends. This ultimately allows the layers and graduation to blend better and create necessary movement.


3. Long Layers: The 6-Figure Cut—See The Before & After


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  • In need of an epic cut that your clients will love and will make you more money!? Take your advice from Matt and his 6-figure, long-layered haircut. 
  • When creating long layers, Matt says this: “Sometimes the best haircut is NOT to cut. Instead, it’s about creating a really good shape that can be styled multiple ways,” 
  • Watch the full video how-to here!



4. Twist to Texturize—Watch The Insta Vid For Deets!


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  • Want the most volume at the crown? Here’s what Joel suggests: Twist a section, elevate to 180 degrees and slide-cut up.
  • This removes weight from the midlengths and ends, adds bounce in the crown and results in a piecey, textured effect.
  • Get more tips on texturizing here!


5. Men’s Cutting: Low Fade Or High Fade? (Plus, a super satisfying quickie from @iliketocuthair!)


Here’s how Jason determines the fade:

  • Dudes with a strong occipital should get low fades to cover that bulge.
  • Medium fades are versatile and good for anyone.
  • Guys with longer heads and flatter occipitals can rock high fades.
  • Click here for more men’s cutting tips!